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  • Click hereby Jose Padilla

New proposal to enjoy theater through listening: today we remember the sound fiction of Click here, by Jose Padilla. It is a montage belonging to the series 'Writings on the scene' which premiered in 2013 and was scheduled again in 2014 and which, according to its author and director, “takes on an unexpected force these days, when dealing with responsible use or not of the information that comes to us through the Internet ”.

You can hear Click here clicking on the following image:

  • The trip to nowhere, directed by Carol López

We suggest listening to The trip to nowhere, by Fernando Fernán Gómez, the chronicle of a trade, that of itinerant comedians, forced to reinvent themselves in adverse times.

Carol López, the director of the production that premiered at the Valle-Inclán Theater in 2014, with a version of the text by Ignacio del Moral, presents the sound piece in the video that you can listen to by clicking on the following image:

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