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Full recording of the live with Nando López on April 16 on our channel Instagram

This week the CDN proposed within its meetings and proposals for students a talk with the playwright Nando López, author of "# malditos16". We encourage you to read this work or to see it beforehand so that you can ask its author questions in the live talk that will take place on our Instagram.

“Sometimes we need to go back to the places where we break. Walking the path back to the teenager we were and looking straight at our wounds, those that open up when we are forced to choose who we want to be. ” ‘Escritos en el scene’ put in 2017 on the boards a sincere and necessary text, “# malditos16”, by Nando López, which Quino Falero was in charge of directing. The press described him as "a trigger for dialogue between young people, parents and educators" (El País) and as "a therapeutic mirror against suicide, bullying or homophobia" (El Mundo). The writer has several titles in his bibliography that address a contemporary vision of the problems that affect adolescents, and he regularly gives talks at institutes.

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