0-1: Important victory of Castilla in Vigo

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CHRONICLE | 01/08/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

A goal from Gila gave the subsidiary three points against Celta B in the postponed match of the 18th round.

  • Spanish League 2nd B G. I
  • Round 18
  • 01/08/2020
Barreiro Stadium
The Real Madrid Castilla closed the first round with victory against Celta B (0-1) in the postponed match of the 18th round of the League. The whites, who were very solid in defense and curdled a great second period, achieved three important points at home thanks to a goal from Gila in minute 57.

Celta B began the match by attacking and printing great intensity. Dani Vega was able to overtake his own with two occasions in the first minutes. In 10’, Bravo had to leave the field due to injury and Martin It took its place. Gradually, Castilla was approaching the local area. His first chance was a header from Chust That failed to see door. Moha had the clearest in a direct free that touched the crossbar before the break.

Gila's goal

The Castile He took the initiative in the second part and began chaining occasions. Feuillassier He was able to make the first goal with a header after a corner kick. It was the prelude to the goal of Gila, which arrived in 57 ’after a foul thrown by Martin that the central headed to the bottom of the network. The local reaction was swift and Celta B advanced its lines in search of a tie. However, those of Raul They were very serious behind and barely conceded occasions. The clearest was a shot from Yeboah that found no goal. In the end, victory by 0-1 in the last match of the first round.


0-Celtic B: Vieites, Carreira, Ros, Farrando (Iker Losada, 70 ’), Pampín, Dani Vega (Bermejo, 63’), Solis, Moha, Fontan, Apeh and Gabri (Yeboah, 63 ’).
1-Real Madrid Castilla: Belman, Sergio López, Fran García, Feuillassier (Marvin, 66 ’), César (Baeza, 88’), Fidalgo, Bravo (Martín, 10 ’), Blanco, Gila, Chust and Pedro.

(min. 57): Gila.

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