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CHRONICLE | 08/22/2020 | Javier Vazquez

Real Madrid beat Salzburg with goals from Latasa and Miguel, and they will face Benfica in the title match (Tuesday, 6pm CEST).

  • UEFA Youth League
  • Semifinals
  • Sat, Aug 22
Colovray Stadium (Nyon)
He Real Madrid He is already in the final of the UEFA Youth League, which he will play next Tuesday against Benfica to win this European title for the first time. The appointment will also be at the Colovray Stadium in Nyon, where the Whites beat Salzburg in the semifinals. The Austrians, a strong team that won the competition in 2017, could not with a Madrid it only took 4 minutes to take the lead on the scoreboard.

Marvin was faster than the defense in a loan from the rival, dribbled the goalkeeper and assisted from the baseline to Rate, which after stirring in the area scored 0-1. In the next action, a Real Madrid player once again stood in the area and dribbled to the goal of Salzburg, but this time the very heeled shot from Arribas crashed into the stick. After half an hour, and after a short kick from the corner, Michael did the second both using the toe as a resource.

Suffer to be in the end

Salzburg tried to close the gap, but it wasn't until the second half, and from the penalty spot, that they succeeded through Sučić (50 '). The both spurred on the Austrians and the Raul they had to put a little more pause in the meeting. The technician made changes with Paul, Alvaro Carrillo and Aranda, who had the sentence in 83 'with a volley that went high. After, Fuidias intervened to prevent the tie, but the team remained strong against rival initiative and will be in their first UEFA Youth League final, where Benfica awaits on Tuesday.

1-Salzburg: Antosch, Dedić, Affengruber, Pokorny (Šeško, 83 '), Adeyemi (Prass, 86'), Kjӕrgaard (Reischl, 46 '), Adamu, Seiwald (Stosic, 65'), Gazibegović, Sučić and Okoh (Aigner, 46 ' ).
2-Real Madrid: Toni Fuidias, Santos, Miguel, Pablo Ramón, Chust, Blanco, Marvin (Aranda, 69 '), Morante, Arribas (Álvaro Carrillo, 85'), Dotor and Latasa (Pablo, 71 ').

(min. 4): Rate.
(min. 32): Michael.
(min 50): Sučić, from a penalty.

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