1-3: Real Madrid debuts in the League with a great victory in Balaído

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CHRONICLE | 08/17/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Vigo) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

Benzema, Kroos and Lucas Vázquez gave the triumph to the whites, who played more than half an hour with one less.

  • The league
  • Day 1
  • 08/17/2019
Balaidos Stadium
The Real Madrid ripped off League adding three points after defeating the Celtic in Balaidos. Benzema, at the end of a great play of Bale, Kroos, who scored a spectacular goal from outside the area, and Lucas Vázquez they gave the victory to the white team, which showed how to suffer after the direct red that Modric saw in the 57 ’. The first blow to the home team came just after ten minutes of play. Bale He received a handful, got rid of Vázquez with two beautiful cuts and attended Benzema, which topped pleasure in the small area. A minute later the Welsh protagonist was again. His shot from the front ended in the hands of Rubén Blanco.

The locals reacted and took over the ball in search of a tie. They were close at half an hour. Centered Aspas and Varane He touched the ball just so G. Fernández could not finish. The response of Real Madrid He arrived twice and only the great performance of Rubén Blanco prevented them from widening distances. Modric caracoleó on the front and his tight shot forced the Galician goalkeeper to show off. Already in 44 ’, he saw Benzema between lines to Bale and the Welsh zapatazo obtained in response another great stretch of the Celta's keeper. In the addition, Estrada Fernández, after consulting with the VAR, annulled the goal that Brais Méndez achieved by Aspas's previous offside.


The second half began with another rhythm and on the first play he was able to score again Benzema. Vinicius Jr. saw the unchecking of Marcelo at the back of the defense and the center behind it was topped by the Frenchman, who found no goal by centimeters. The play spurred the locals, who began to create danger with mobility between Aspas lines. More successful than the Spanish international was Courtois in a hand in hand in 48 ’and two minutes later the chest of Casemiro He avoided the draw after the shot by Brais Méndez in the small area.

Kroos work of art

Everything got complicated after the direct red he saw Modric in a foul on Denis in 57 ’. The Real Madrid I had to face the half-hour left with a player less and on the next play Courtois made another great intervention, this time after Araujo's header. The visitors had to suffer to keep the income earned, but it appeared Kroos and a work of art was invented that changed everything in 61 ’. The German received away from the front of the area, raised his head and designed a remote control missile to the rival squad. The way in which the ball hit the crossbar before overcoming the goal line further embellished the goal.

Lucas Vázquez sentenced

The goal of the German did a lot of damage to Celta and Zidane decided to give fresh air to the team giving entrance to Lucas Vázquez and Isco by Vinicius Jr. Y Balerespectively. It was precisely the Galician who sentenced the meeting in the 80's. Benzema He received on the front and gave the ball to Spanish, which he defined with a cross shot to certify the great premiere of the Real Madrid players in the championship. Already in the addition reduced distances Iker Losada.

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