We know that summer is the golden season, the time with which we daydream the rest of the year imagining a scenario of sun and holidays.

And although things are somewhat different this year … we still have a world of possibilities. Beach? Montana? Timeless walks that end on the terrace with friends? Family plan? Enjoy some time alone and practice those hobbies for which we do not usually have time?

Needless to say, Our favorite hobby is books! So this summer we plan to enjoy reading alone or in company, chatting with friends about what that character in the book we are reading at the same time has just done … and the infinite places where books allow us to travel. Are you coming with us?

These are the 10 books that will make you travel this summer without the need to pack. 😉

one. Love was enough

You are lying in a hammock and there is no way to protect yourself from the sun that dazzles you. Well, hey, it will seem like a somewhat rudimentary solution, but a good book can protect you from the sun.

And if that book is Love was enough of Máximo Huerta, In addition to a parasol, it will keep you on your toes until dusk. This novel tells us the story of Icarus, who lives with resignation the decline of his parents' marriage, his mother's anguish for the future they will have to face alone, their father's confusion, the restlessness of the whole family. But, while the child awakens to sexuality thanks to the complicity of a schoolmate, one day he also discovers with amazement that he has a gift … he can fly. A novel that gives us a great life lesson. A jolt in our readers hearts.

two. The north face of the heart

Holidays are the time to return to our villages, to visit our family, to return to our origins. And just that is what brings us Dolores Redondo with The north face of the heart.

«When Amaia Salazar was twelve she was lost in the forest for sixteen hours. It was early morning when they found her thirty kilometers north of the place where she had lost track. Faded in the heavy rain, the clothes blackened and charred like that of a medieval witch rescued from a bonfire, and, in contrast, the white, clean and icy skin as if it had just emerged from the ice. ”

In August 2005, long before the crimes that shook the Baztan Valley, a young twenty-five-year-old Amaia Salazar, Deputy Provincial Police Officer, participates in an exchange course for Europol police officers at the FBI Academy in the Estuados United: they will study the real case of a serial killer who acts during great catastrophes, "the composer".

To get here, sometimes you have to go back to the beginning. Can you think of a better plan for the summer?

3. Felix. A man on earth

And if one thing we like about vacations is that they allow us to get away from the city and routine and get closer to nature.

If you are one of those who love the outdoors you cannot miss Felix. A man on earth, the book where the daughter of the most important naturalist in Spain, Odile de la Fuente, brings us closer to his figure and his legacy.

Ten chapters divided by thematic areas with texts by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and the transcription of his main radio and television interventions. A final chapter with the testimony of personalities from all areas that will gloss his figure: Andreu Buenafuente, Rosa Montero, Jesús Calleja, or Juan Luis Arsuaga.

In this book you will find an illustrated compendium of the thinking of man that aroused the environmental awareness of an entire country.

Four. Spain by bike

And if there is a group that eagerly awaits the arrival of good weather … it is that of lovers of two wheels. We will say nothing more than this: 101 routes through Spain to organize a vacation on two wheels.

With such a suggestive proposal, it will not matter if the phase we are in allows us to travel more or less kilometers. Why Sergio Fernández Tolosa He has compiled routes of all kinds so that this summer there are no excuses, let's adjust the saddle and start pedaling. These 101 cycling routes invite you to get to know the world in a different way, on a means of transport that every day convinces more travelers and savoring freedom, allowing yourself to be pampered by the outdoors and discovering landscapes, towns and sights that move away from motorways. and conventional transport. So to read and plan the routes that we will do this summer. 😉

5. While the summer lasts

The title already says everything. And he invites us to read in the hammock with a cool drink. Do you want to know what you will find behind this summer cover?

Vera is a 24-year-old girl who lives in the center of Madrid with her two friends, Nuria and Zoe. Despite being opposite poles, they share almost everything with them. The three work in an artist representation office, where they will have to see more than once with their unbearable boss and with one of the agency's most sought-after representatives.

Vera has always lived love as an adventure that can have very serious consequences, that's why she has never allowed herself to be carried away. Until she does it with Leo… But will Leo really be the right one for her? Let yourself be surprised by a romantic novel narrated by a not so romantic girl, a reflection of the current society in which our protagonist is going to claim her place.

6. Santa Manuela Trilogy

You have walked all day, seen a thousand things and you are no longer with your soul. Shall we sit down to devour a delicious trilogy?

Away from the chaos of the city and surrounded by more than peculiar neighbors, the gang of Santa Manuela, a small Pyrenean town with stone houses and slate roofs, knows what is truly important: love, friendship and unconditional care. to yours. Welcome to Santa Manuela!

Fran, Sofia, Lucho, Cosme or Alicia are its inhabitants. They can shout, fight or say truths to the face as fists … at the end of the day it does not matter. In the face of any quarrel or adversity, whether in the form of a flood, a breakdown or a group crisis, they only know one way to resolve it: together. Because everyone was born and raised in Santa Manuela. Also we bring you the trilogy of Sylvia Herrero in case format, so you don't stop reading or looking for the next book. 😜

7. The island house

Is there anything more summery than a house on an island, with a lake and a lot of peace? Yes, the novel by Sarah Blake.

A mansion on an island. A moving family saga. The fate of a family marked by impossible love and silenced secrets … If you like Anne Jacobs and Kate Morton, you cannot miss this novel!

Moving through three generations, The island house it is a fascinating tale of hidden secrets, irreparable decisions, and enduring love stories. And he asks us a question: can our family past make all of our life decisions? Find out.

8. Hidden port

There are some things that you will not be able to get rid of this summer: the anti-mosquito lotion, a cold drink, the fan … and Hidden port of Maria Oruña!

Oliver, a young Londoner with a peculiar family situation and a sad loss behind him, inherits a colonial house, Villa Marina, on the beach in the small town of Suances, in Cantabria. During the remodeling work, the walled corpse of a baby is discovered in the basement, accompanied by an object that is completely anachronistic. After this discovery, various murders in different cities of Cantabria begin to follow one another vertiginously.

Don't miss the primera delivery of the series set in Cantabria The books of Puerto Escondido, which has consecrated its author as the new voice of the Spanish crime novel. In addition, this edition of Thrillermania is super portable so that you can follow the investigation of Suances wherever the holidays take you.

9. Angels and Demons

If summer allows us one thing, it is to discover small charming places, like that typical parish with spectacular views in an isolated mountain.

If you want to see the parishes differently, you cannot miss Dan Brown.

Angels and Demons, the first adventure of the charismatic and unforgettable Robert Langdon, is an addictive and fast-paced thriller about the eternal conflict between science and religion. This fight turns into a real war that will put all humanity in check, who will have to fight until the last minute to avoid a great disaster. Because not everything has to be calm and calm during the summer.

10. We on the moon

And if summer has something, it is that it passes us in the blink of an eye. And yet there is nothing more eternal than a fleeting encounter. Discover it together with Alice Kellen and his novel We on the moon.

When Rhys and Ginger meet on the streets of Paris, they do not imagine that their lives will be united forever despite the distance and that they could not be more different.

She lives in London and sometimes feels so lost that she has forgotten even her own dreams. He is unable to stay still anywhere and thinks he knows who he is. And every night their friendship grows between e-mails full of confidences, doubts and concerns.

But what happens when the passage of time tests your relationship? Is it possible to hang on the moon with another person without putting your heart at risk? Put a finishing touch to summer with this story about love, destiny and self-search.

So go through all these books and load up on the sensations without having to leave the air conditioning in your house or fight to see how many clothes fit in your suitcase. # ReadElVerano and enjoy traveling to a thousand and one universes. And if you want more, don't miss out on this emergency selection for heavy readers. 😜🍦📚

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