Is your state of mind right now a set of onomatopoeias that you don't know exactly what they just meant? The same thing happens to us. 🙈

These days of confinement are being a challenge for all of us, be it in the workplace, due to the difficulty of reconciling with family life, due to the uncertainty of the world situation, due to confinement or a little bit of everything at the same time … AND it is clear that we are all trying to do our best. But, given the exceptional nature of the situation, it is totally normal that sometimes we feel a little outnumbered. To regain balance, put on the glasses of optimism, learn to deal with these uncomfortable feelings and ultimately to lift your spirits during this confinement, we propose a series of readings that are almost prescription. Will you accompany us to discover them?

If you don't know her, Silvia Congost She is one of the essential authors when it comes to well-being. In his book Alone It reveals something essential to us: not having a partner does not mean being alone. Learning to be alone can be the greatest adventure of our life and, confinement, the best time to put it into practice. Because not having a partner does not imply anything negative about us, it does not take away our value as human beings, it does not make us less interesting. It is true that loneliness can be scary, generate rejection and be seen in general with a negative connotation. Hence, we try to avoid it at all costs.

With this book we will discover that learning to be alone can be a fascinating journey into ourselves and make us more connected to the world and to ourselves.

The new novel by Elvira Lindo It travels our country through a century of great changes and contains a tribute to a generation, that of those who remained in Spain in the immediate postwar period, those who, without complaint or regret, concentrated on surviving.

From the empathetic and curious gaze of a great observer who knows how to transform every flash of memory into fiction, Elvira Lindo turns her parents into literary characters to approach them with freedom, lucidity and wisdom.

You will enjoy reading Open heartSure, but we are also convinced that it will make you see yours from a new perspective, consider things from a different point of view. I said, recommended. 👌🏻

If you don't know yet Ana Merino, these days of confinement are a very good opportunity to discover the winner of the 2020 Nadal Novel Prize.

The map of affections chase the trail of the people who build the hidden stories of the places. Places where absences are evoked, strange events, where inexplicable crimes occur … places where personal tensions coexist with family ones and where only the drive of good sediments the sediment necessary to continue living.

A map of those stories that may be happening in your neighborhood without you realizing it: love relationships where the age difference is the pattern, people who struggle to understand the meaning of love, how chance reconfigures everything without asking permission, the role of poetic justice or how the passage of time can be the highest arbiter.

If you want to discover to what extent affections mark the pulse of all things, don't miss Ana Merino's wonderful new novel.

When you think it's all over, it's not true. Everything starts. This is what happens to the protagonist of the last trilogy of Megan Maxwell: Estefanía has three children and has been happily married for twenty years. One day he discovers that the person he trusted has been cheating on him and that this "happily ever after" no longer exists.

"Little by little I am beginning to enjoy the freedom that my new marital status gives me and, why not, to meet Diego, the good neighbor of my parents' urbanization, for which all of them sigh. Until one afternoon he invites me to dinner ».

I'm a mom It is a perfect read to believe in new opportunities and learn to enjoy what life brings us.

A night in Paris. Two paths intertwining. And one thing for sure: there is nothing more eternal than a fleeting encounter.

After the success of Let it happen, Alice Kellen Come back to fall in love with the story of Ginger and Rhys. She lives in London and sometimes feels so lost that she has forgotten even her own dreams. He is unable to sit still anywhere and thinks he knows who he is. And every night their friendship grows between emails full of confidences, doubts and concerns …

We on the moon it is a story about love, destiny and the search for oneself. A delicious novel that reminds us that sometimes you only need to look at the moon to feel close to another person. Quite adequate for those of you who are confined away from that special person, right? 🙈

At point six of this list we bring you a romantic, smart and fun comedy for the Netflix generation, A movie love, written by Rachel Winters.

After seven years as an assistant, Evie Summers is ready to get the promotion she deserves. But the film agency where he works is on the tightrope, and Evie will lose his job if he can't convince his most important and arrogant client to finish writing the script for a romantic Hollywood comedy.

When the screenwriter confesses that nothing is written, Evie offers him a pact: if she can prove to him in just three months that it is possible to fall in love in real life like in a movie, he will write the script.

Are you dying to know how it goes on? Well, get a blanket and some snacks because as soon as you start reading you will surely not be able to stop for a second.

How do you live the only day in which we do what we really want? Something like what many are doing these days of home life, in which social imperatives are being a little forgotten …

Saturday night It is a captivating portrait of people, places and customs with the magnetic prose of the author of The burning library, Susan Orlean.

Why do we like them so much on Saturday nights? The author asked herself the same question and embarked on a trip across the United States that led her to meet and share her weekend with the most varied of American territory: from wealthy teenagers in Los Angeles to homeless people in New York, dancers polka in Maryland or university in Boston. A mosaic of voices to define that night of the week in which we put what we want before what we should do: Saturday night.

This book cannot be missing in a post where we talk about raising your spirits. Because Dr. Rojas tells us something very interesting: good things happen, but they need a plan.

Joining the scientific, psychological and human point of view, the author offers us a deep reflection, peppered with useful advice and with an eminently didactic vocation, about the application of our own abilities to the effort to give us a full and happy existence.
What can we do to achieve it? Knowing and optimizing certain areas of the brain, setting goals and objectives in life, exercising the will, starting emotional intelligence, developing assertiveness, avoiding excess self-criticism …

Definitely Marian Rojas It offers us a theoretical and practical guide so that we can achieve a good star through personal work. How is your luck lately, reader? 😉

In this book Curro Cañete invites us to become our own coach and to be our own guide, with guidelines and exercises so that we learn to feel good and to realize our true wishes and aspirations.

Because for the author, happiness is not only a destination, but also the path that we all must travel: Do you remember all the times you spoke badly to yourself? Of those fears that have scared you so many times? Of everything you have stopped doing for fear of what they will say? Leave all that behind! Now! There is no time to lose!".

With The power to trust you Cañete helps us to awaken the inner strength that we all have (even if we don't know it yet) and that will help us change our lives and go where we want to go. Are you ready for change?

And we are going with a hard truth that needs to be told: bullying or bullying. And the brave story of those who have suffered it and managed to overcome it: Angel Marble, author of the book Smile even if it costs you.

«Yes, I was bullied and many times I thought I would not get over it. The road was long and difficult, but in the end I smiled again. And I learned many important things: not to give up, to believe in myself and to be a better person. And that stalkers are also often victims. Many people helped me. Without them, surely I would not have come this far nor would I have had the courage to tell what I lived. Without them, perhaps today you would not be able to say: smile!».

Àngela Mármol is the first TikTok influencer who talks about her experience as a victim of bullying and who invites us to take a positive lesson, even in the most difficult situations. Without a doubt, a life lesson from which we can all learn something.

And so far our list of essentials for today, reader. We trust that among these books you will find a faithful companion who will help you to better spend these special days. And if you finish quickly with the list of titles that we have prescribed, We invite you to discover our selection of books to be happy. Which one are you going to start with?

Happy reading! ☺️📚

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