There are some who are very fan of concerts, who are crazy about a musical, who do not know how to pass the mop at home if it is not with the radio at full volume … They all have something in common: they breathe music.

If you have felt identified with any of these profiles (or if you are not yet one of them for lack of a good suggestion) … this post is for you! We bring you 10 best books for you to put music in your life, the books that cannot be missing from your bookshelf and that will make you discover genres, artists, anecdotes and ultimately the most personal side of the great legends of the stage. And you, are you more of Patti Smith, Bowie or Cobain?

100 artists I couldn't live without

This book illustrated by Ricardo Cavolo is a delight to discover as many soundtracks as you can have moods.

In it Cavolo recreates as a personal diary a history of music through its 100 essential artists, from Bach to Radiohead, through Amy Winehouse, Nirvana or Daft Punk.

With more than 100 illustrations and handwritten texts, with lists, notes and personal anecdotes. A book to delight eyes and ears, in short. Are you going to be able to resist? 😏

The book of Estopa

From the creators of ‘The scale model of Estopa’ … now comes to us ‘The book of Estopa’: the essential book where the Muñoz brothers, the Estopa, tell us about their entire career.

You have already been a fan of Jose and David since its inception or you fell into their music for that hit that sounded everywhere (like 'The slit in your skirt') and that, let's face it, we still hum to this day … you can't miss it the memories of one of the most famous bands in Spain.

Through numerous conversations and interviews with music critic Jordi Bianciotto, David and Jose Muñoz make a complete review of his professional career, from his first improvised street performances to mega-concerts on the main stages. Discover how two “neighborhood” brothers made their dream of dedicating themselves to music come true.


As the title already points out … this book cannot deal with anything other than the life and work of one of the greatest rock legends: the Rolling Stones.

Photographs and treasures of the authors of ‘Paint it black’ (among other music hymns of our time) await you in this beautiful illustrated book signed by Jo Wood, the wife of the band's guitarist, Ronnie Wood.

In this book you will delight in an immersion in the history of rock and roll with more than 500 unpublished photographs, annotations, stories from his private diary and personal memories of Jo.

‘Stoned’ is a unique look at life behind the scenes of the world's biggest music band.

Patti smith

She is the "godmother of punk" and this is her illustrated biography. Patti Smith is a singer, writer, photographer … but above all, she is a multidisciplinary artist who has left her mark on several generations around the world.

In this book, illustrator Ana Müshell successfully and passionately explores the career of women who endowed punk with poetry and intellectuality. From his childhood in a rural area of ​​New Jersey to his stay at the bohemian Chelsea Hotel in New York, from his first concerts to his massive concerts.

This is a journey through the characters, moments, records, books and concerns that are part of the history of this living legend, a creator in permanent dialogue with loved ones who are no longer there, in tireless struggle to make ours a better world . And one of the indisputable voices of music.

Kurt Cobain. About a boy

And continuing with great milestones in music, there could be a book that tells us about the greatest representative of grunge music, Kurt Cobain. Carlos García Miranda brings us an illustrated work of art that will reach the hearts of true Cobain fans and that will discover the genre for those who did not experience it.

In 1991, a 24-year-old man named Kurt Cobain and his band, Nirvana, disrupted the music industry by turning an underground album like "Nevermind" into a million dollar hit.

It was the beginning of a meteoric career that made Cobain the benchmark for an entire generation and the most visible face of the grunge movement, with strong roots in the Seattle area. But that it would spread to the world like the sound of a disenchanted youth.

The brief life of Cobain (one of the members of the fateful club of Los 27), cut short by suicide, is the reflection of a complex, tormented and nonconformist personality. His excesses, affiliations, phobias and the great moments of his career are reflected in this illustrated tribute that will reach the hearts of all his fans.

Amy Winehouse. Stronger than her

Many of us know her from the song 'Rehab' and her catchy refrain that said that of “but I say no, no, no”… but Amy WInehouse's musical career was much broader and much richer, with influences from the blues, the jazz, R&B or hip-hop.

Now comes the first illustrated biography that explains the significance of this unique artist, of the soul diva who has left an indelible mark on the music of our century.

Restless, dramatic and always looking for action and attention, from her earliest childhood Amy Winehouse showed rebellion and intelligence. Giving in to the will of others was not in his plans. Nor do they comply with the rules. Everything about her was daring, groundbreaking and unique, starting with her voice that launched her into stardom making her an undisputed music myth. This biography gives us back his brief and intense life and pays tribute to his art and his legacy.

Bowie by Bowie

This list of great artists would not be complete if we did not mention Bowie. And we can't think of a better way to discover the artist than from his own voice: through the interviews and encounters that are collected in this book and that are the closest thing to an autobiography of David Bowie that can be found on the market. editorial.

Through thirty reports in which Bowie elaborates in depth, you will discover the key points to understand the artist after the success: Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the singer of plastic soul, The Thin White Duke, glam rock, sexuality, drugs, his collaborations with Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, the excesses that would lead to Berlin's extraordinary musical period, permanent experimentation, massive success in the eighties, acting in cinema and theater, fashion, visual arts , the controversial band Tin Machine, the creative splendor of the mid-nineties… Do we have to say more? 😙

Take a look at the life of the star who made reinvention his creative banner.

Listen to my heart

If we say “pop” the name of the band Roxette will surely cross your mind. Listen to my heart It is the most emotional and courageous autobiography of its leader, Marie Fredriksson, one of the great pop stars and icon of an entire generation.

In this sincere autobiography, he tells the incredible story of his life, from his childhood in a family with very few resources, to his ascension to the most emblematic stages of the world as a singer.

The book deals with such intimate details as the death of her older sister, 20, in a dramatic traffic accident when she was only 7 years old. From there, he says, his fighting spirit was born. An ability to overcome that he needed time later, when in 2002 they detected a brain tumor. Fredriksson talks for the first time about that hard episode, about the many and very hard radiotherapy treatments and the aftermath that they left him, about how he had to relearn how to walk, speak or read.

And things like his return to the stage in 2007, the return with Roxette in 2011, the disagreements with his manager or the world tour of the band's 30th anniversary could not be left out of this book. 30 years of music history reflected in this book.

Leonard Cohen. The biography

The best biography of the great Canadian poet and singer-songwriter has come to stay on your shelf. Because if Cohen is one of the essential figures in music, this book is one of the essentials for any musician fan.

Since the appearance of his first poetry book in 1956, Leonard Cohen has become one of the most revered cultural heroes in literary circles in Canada and the United States. In the 1960s, Cohen traded pen for guitar and was hailed as "the quintessential rock poet," influencing numerous generations of musicians who have paid tribute to him.

Cohen stunned his legion of followers when he retired to a Buddhist monastery throughout the 1990s, only to reappear in 2008, on a triumphant tour that took him to major concert halls around the world. Find out everything in the biography that now reaches bookstores.

Shrimp. The legend of the genius

His torn voice changed the history of flamenco.

José Monje Cruz, better known as ShrimpHe began to display his gift when he was just a child, a gift that would lead him to conquer audiences as unsuspected as those in Paris or New York.

Restless, passionate and magnetic, his art grew unstoppable and revolutionary. From his birth in San Fernando (Cádiz) until his early death, passing through his stay in Madrid, his time with Paco de Lucía, his wedding with La Chispa, his works with Tomatito and his most memorable concerts.

This book is a tribute with duende to a man with a short biography but with an infinite imprint.

And if your days still need more rhythm, don't lose yourself our selection of books and music: a bookshelf full of books of all kinds (essays, illustrations, novels …) so that you can discover all the genres and artists that have left their mark on the history of music. Ready to grow your playlist of essentials? 😜

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