These days we have spent more time than ever at home and surely you have already read, worked, made videoconferences (and avoided the world at times) from each and every nook and cranny. Surely you have already rearranged the furniture, done wardrobe cleaning and have put your personal bookstore in order. And if it happened to you like us, surely you have found in hand with a book that you did not even remember having.

Time to take advantage of it! Reading, learning and, why not, enjoying some culinary delight now that we have more time for those little pleasures.

In this post we bring you 10 books so that this confinement gets down to business. With these readings we are sure that you can get more out of those ingredients that you have loose in the fridge, get a chef plan and take a leap in your culinary game or, why not, it is a good time to lose your fear of the stove and make your first little steps in the kitchen. So we invite you to put on your apron (and boots) with these kitchen and food manuals. 😜

1) Cooking day by day

In this book of Karlos Arguiñano 1095 recipes and 365 menus for the four seasons await you. Cheese and carrot ravioli, browned with green rice, quail with banana or eggplant lasagna.

In total, more than 365 menus with first, second and dessert, 1095 recipes divided by seasons that always emphasize fresh and seasonal products. In addition, the book proposes special menus for the most notable dates on the calendar, such as Christmas. So if you do not know where to start, or if you want to start thinking about how you are going to surprise your mother-in-law when she can visit you… let yourself be guided by the most beloved chef on television and be amazed by some delicious rich dishes.

2) eat real food

This book is for everyone. Because surely at some point or another in life (or confinement more specifically) we have been given to that type of food that wants to eat a lot but that is not necessarily the best fuel for our body.

Carlos Rios is the creator of the movement realfooding and in Eat real food offers us a practical guide to combat and banish the ultra-processed from our diet and eat real food again. Practical tips, tricks and recipes to eat healthy easily, quickly and richly await you in this book.

3) Unlimited vegetables

The chef Jose Andres A mission has been proposed: to change the way we see vegetables.

Known for his inexhaustible energy and wild imagination, the Asturian chef channels his thirty years of cooking and eating around the world in Unlimited vegetables, a passionate, surprising and delicious love letter to the vegetable kingdom. Bold ideas and explosions of genius that will help us see with different eyes the full potential of the world of plants.

If you are one of those people who for the New Year had set out to start eating better … this is the perfect opportunity to carry it out and enjoying the recipes that the chef offers us.

4) Stews always

If you enjoy homemade food and feel nostalgic for your grandmother's recipes, this is your book. Stews, stews, stews, stews, soups, rice, gazpachos, creams and much more await you in the book of Juan Pozuelo, a chef with a lot of experience between the stoves and with a very personal and personal style.

Discover more than a hundred spoon recipes, all perfectly explained so that anyone can incorporate them into their daily menu. Do you already know which dish you are going to start with?

5) Sustainable cuisine

This is not a recipe book, it is a book to learn how to make the most of your time on the stove and make the most of your food.

The chef of the Semproniana restaurant, Ada Parellada, brings us tips to learn how to reorganize our kitchen, make it more efficient and agile … and teaches us to eat healthier, more varied, tastier and above all, more fun. It also includes an extra tip that we are sure you will appreciate as much as we do: with this book we will learn to cook one day of the week and live on rent the rest of the days, something that will be great for us when the routine is again busier and we suffer for preparing tuppers. 🤭

6) Love, eat, live, shine

In this book of Elka mocker We will find a clean and respectful kitchen that bets on fresh, ecological and seasonal products and that inspires us to include more vegetable dishes in our daily lives that will conquer both our palates and our health.

Love, eat, live, shine It teaches us what is the difference between eating and feeding: eating is the act of chewing, swallowing and satiating; feeding is also an act of love. This is a perfect book to love food even more and take care of ourselves while enjoying ourselves.

7) Tapas, pintxos and toasts

We go with a good dose of flavor. Because we all like snacking, mixing ingredients and having a good time between snacks. Making tapas can be an excellent way to shake off stress with a simple but at the same time good diet, healthy, balanced and, of course, delicious.

In this book Xabier Gutiérrez brings us over a thousand recipes with which to cultivate one of the greatest hallmarks of Spanish gastronomic culture.

8) Mother kitchen

This is a tribute to traditional cuisine with 80 simple recipes to cook at home. Nothing more and nothing less than the chef's hand Joan Roca.

In Mother kitchen pays tribute to the mother's kitchen, tradition, updating … linked to a very emotional concept: that of the recovery and perpetuation of the most authentic dishes, the popular recipe book. Recipes without complications or technicalities but with all the quality touch of Joan Roca.

Starters, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, sweets and the explanation of techniques will introduce you to a new way of enjoying the recipes of all time.

9) Happiness

The tribute book of Carme Ruscalleda, on the 30th anniversary of its acclaimed Sant Pau restaurant. In Happiness the chef presents us with a free, natural, tasty and pleasant cuisine, the kitchen that has been the key formula of her magic in front of the stove.

The story of the book starts from the current vision of its gastronomy to make a flashback and review the great moments of its gastronomic trajectory in different chapters, in which it reflects its style and its personal universe, from the Mediterranean to Japan. If you want to discover how a self-taught chef has managed to become the great lady of world cuisine, don't miss this reading.

10) Paella Power

And we couldn't finish a selection of cookbooks without mentioning one of the star dishes in Spanish gastronomy: paella.

In this book of Rodrigo de la Calle We will learn the recipes, techniques and secrets to prepare the best paellas in the world: from the classic Valencian paella to black rice, through to vegetable or seafood paella. And with the necessary techniques for each occasion, carefully detailed to become great rice experts. Little more will we need to become the kings and queens of Sundays.

If after this tour you have wanted to devour more readings, do not miss the selection of cuisine that we have prepared for you. And cook a lot and very rich these days!

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