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¡¡Manolito Gafotas it's birthday! The mythical character of Elvira Lindo He has accompanied us many during our childhood and adolescence, and this November 22, he turns 25!

Do you know everything about him and his origins? Coinciding with this special anniversary, we have prepared these 10 curiosities about Manolito Gafotas, her books, and her author.

1. The character emerged on the radio in 1987, when Elvira Lindo wrote and interpreted the first monologue of Manolito Gafotas.

two. Manolito Gafotas stars A total of 8 novels.

3. In 1998, Elvira Lindo received the National Prize for Children and Youth Literature by Dirty rags, the fourth installment of the Manolito Gafotas series.

Four. The history of Manolito Gafotas was taken to the cinema in 1999 by director Miguel Albaladejo and was nominated for a Goya for best adapted screenplay.

5. Manolito Gafotas' books have been Translated into more than 20 languages.

6. In some countries the political correctness made them disappear from the books the famous collejas from Manolito's mother.

7. Manolito Gafotas is the "creator" of the expression «Of the world world».

8. All Manolito Gafotas books include illustrations by Emilio Urberuaga, which received in 2011 the National Illustration Award.

9. Elvira Lindo herself speaks with Manolito Gafotas at the beginning of Dirty rags and of Best Manolo.

10. In Best Manolo, the most recent book, the family of Manolito Gafotas suffers from the economic crisis and the school goes on strike for cuts in education.

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