If you're a book lover like us — and you're reading this blog for a reason, right? Seguro— surely you know that there has never been a more faithful friend or more secure shelter than a book.

And in these days of uncertainty and not making plans because we do not know if we can carry them out … we have learned to value little things more, to value moments, to enjoy the company of those people who we take for granted will be there. Because we have learned that this is not reality.

If you want to express to your family how special they are to you, our proposal is clear: give books away. 📖✨

Because when we decide to give a book away we are not only giving a conglomerate of pages, letters and words. We are sharing with someone a worldview of the world, interpreted by literary characters that provide our brain with thousands of possibilities. But they can say a lot about us and our most intimate way of thinking. And sharing that connection is magical.

And what is the best complement for a book? Well, a special dedication, of course.

Some of the most sincere and most powerful words have been written in dedications of books, because it is something intimate, protected by the covers of the book and by the possibility that the person never reads those sentences … time to choose the right words to tell that person why we have loved that bit of history of Literature and not another, why for him and why now … Those words can accompany a person to the depths of his heart for longer than we think.

So in this post we introduce you 10 different styles of dedications depending on who is going to receive it, the type of dedication or the occasion. So you can convey everything you feel and want to say and you don't have to face the panic of the blank page. 😜

one. Dedication for lovers

No chocolates or anything. Conquering the stomach is easy, but getting to the intellect of the person you want to fall in love with or with whom you are in love is only a challenge for the most daring.

This is a very personal type of dedication and we would advise you to set aside recurring images and phrases of the type Without you I am nothing de Amaral … to give it an original and much more personal touch (which is what counts). If you give a book to someone you love, the book has a connection to both of you. Use it. For example: "Maybe the Odyssey that I lived when I missed the train that had to take me to our first date was not so long, but of course, it was just as hard. ”

2. Author's dedication

If a book is itself a fantastic gift, imagine what an illusion to receive it with the dedication made by the author himself! If you have the possibility of obtaining it, it is, without a doubt, the perfect gift.

You can try catching a writer's coveted lyrics at Book Fairs or Presentations. And we are sure that it will make you crush it melts. Let it not be said that you have not tried!

3. Dedication for occasional readers

It may be that your gift is addressed to someone who lives the passion for reading with a more leisurely intensity. In that case, the title or author of what you give them will tell you little or nothing about the reason for your selection. Here the best option can be to emphasize the interests that the person may have and that are in the book, so that they understand the reason for the gift. Something like "I know your passion for mysteries and how you love solving them, that's why I give you this crime novel… ”.

4. Dedication for the advanced reader

For those with whom you share a passion for literature. Here it may be interesting to focus our dedication on the reason for the gift rather than its justification. For example: "I hope this novel expands or destroys the horizons of your own world of Science fiction… ” or "Here goes the philosophical essay on aporophobia that was overlooked. I hope it will enrich you… ”.

In this case we can be as specific or convoluted (see the second dedication) as we want because, after all, we already know that this person has very specific interests and, with our gift, we are only fanning that bonfire that we already know that exists. And believe us, it is a very good thing that we have that level of knowledge of the other person. It could bring great things to us together.

5. Dedication in story

Maybe you also like to write. In that case, if you have a clear message and an interesting idea, you can dare with a dedication in which you explain a mini story that synthesizes everything you want to communicate.

Let's say, for example, you give a meditation book to a friend so they can learn to relax. Well, nothing better than creating a mini story where your friend is the protagonist and where you narrate a scene in which he enjoys complete stillness and inner peace. You will feel identified and relax before even reading it!

6. Poetic dedication

Similar to the story dedication, a poetic dedication can capture powerful images and metaphors to make the quote a literary "product" itself. In this case, unless you dare with your own poetry, you can search for a poem that has a close relationship with the theme or content of the book. For example, if we talk about literature, we could quote the great Pablo Neruda in a poem like this:

"So when the teeth of the literature   they tried to bite my honest heels, I passed, without knowing, singing with the wind towards the rainy warehouses of my childhood (...) "

Although if you are a real brave we encourage you to let your imagination run wild and write your own verses. They probably don't look like Neruda's but you can talk about more personal things, which have more meaning for both of you, and above all it will be much more valuable that you have put the personal effort to create something for that special person. You know what they say about "worth a try"? Well in this case, it's very worth it.

7. Dedication to launch hints

Exactly. How well are those books that serve as an excuse to throw hints or advice to friends or family.

And if you accompany it with a dedication that has just underlined the message (more than anything in case it has not been made clear), then better than better. Let's say someone you know doesn't cook very well. You could dedicate the following:I trust this book so you can carry out the most important mission of your life: not starve ourselves (that or let me cook). ”

Do not miss a sense of humor in this type of dedication. 😉

8. Direct dedication to the heart: memory

Ok, yes, we already know that this title may sound somewhat ambiguous and that with all the previous dedications we also wanted to win the heart of that special person. OKAY. But we will explain what is special about this type of dedication. It is no longer just about the dedication, but about the gift itself.

We will tell you with an example. Do you know those muffins you used to eat when they were little that they sold in the oven under your house and that on Sunday mornings your father would look for you to have breakfast together? And the great sensations that still come over the years as long as you accidentally smell a batch of freshly made cupcakes?

Well the same but with the books. If that person has ever told you that a book marked his childhood or that he read something that touched his heart at a certain point in his life … bringing that little piece of his life and his memory to the present is a gift in capital letters, which will make him See that you listen to what he tells you, that you look at the details, that you have bothered to look for that book so old that they do not even edit it anymore and that you have also put a dedication that has just made clear how special that person is for you.

For example: “So that when you reread the stories of this bunny, you would be the baby who jumped from puddle to puddle without caring what he should or shouldn't do. I would love to jump in puddles with you one day;) ”.

9. Short dedication

They say the good if short … And you know how the saying ends. If you don't have a clear idea about what to say or, on the contrary, you want to say too much, maybe cutting for the sane is the best option.

A dedication of a phrase is more than enough if your words encapsulate a good message. It is not easy, but the result is worth it.

An example could be: "May each page resist you in existence ” or "May this book be tender bread to bite loneliness. " And depending on the trust we have with that person, we can always add a more fun touch: "That this book is tender bread to bite loneliness … And if it is not, I let myself bite a little bit. Whatever it takes to bring out that smile. ”

10. A great dedication for a small reader

How important are the first contacts with literature and what a wonderful power they have when creating new readers.

So if you are going to give a book to a child who has just started in the literary universe, we recommend that you make a dedication that motivates him to continue reading and that he remembers fondly after a few years.

In these cases, something brief and special may be the best way to dedicate: “May this book be the first of the many lives and adventures that await you in the world of literature. ” Once that little reader grows up and remembers that his love for literature began with a gift that you gave him, you will know that it will have been worth any time you have invested in thinking of the best dedication for him.

And since we also love our readers very much, don't think you're going to leave this post without our dedication to you:

"Between rose and rose, your majesty choose"

Francisco de Quevedo

Why this one? Because it belongs to one of the Castilian classics and we believe that it reflects very well our purpose when it comes to talking about books, writing about books, breathing books. ♥

There are a thousand options out there for each of us. We just have to choose. And we are very lucky to have centuries of great literature. So we believe in love to first page.

For that reason and because the previous quote is not without humor, hehe. They say that Quevedo told the queen when he wanted to win a bet with his friends and should insult nothing more and nothing less than his royal persona. So he dedicated those words to him: "Between pink and pink, his majesty is-LAME. And is that the classics, the great stories that sometimes intimidate us a little … they are still real and human stories, with humor, stories that are waiting to be discovered by the reader of any time.

# ReadYourSummer 💕

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