Barcelona, ​​October 8, 2019

The Jury secretary has communicated the list of the 10 finalist novels of the LXVIII edition of the Novel Planet Award, chosen among the 564 submitted.

The awarding of the Prize will take place on Tuesday October 15 in Barcelona, ​​during a literary dinner at the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

The ten titles and authors (or their pseudonyms) of the works are:

God does not come down to hell, by Luis Aleixandre Giménez
The family is a guerrilla war, by Mercedes Gallagher (pseudonym)
Broken glass, by Melchor Marín (pseudonym)
The subway musician, from Viviana Rivero
The rose of Jericho, Salome Becerra (pseudonym)
The kidnapped little prince, by Joaquín Guerrero Casasola
5,749 days, by Ana Sánchez (pseudonym)
The cunda and the moon, by Pedro Manuel Fraile Pérez
As we were, by Viveca Lindfors (pseudonym)
Shara Clayton's diary, de L’omertà (pseudonym)

The Award Jury is made up of Alberto Blecua, Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galán, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regàs and Belén López, secretary with vote.

The decision of the Planeta Prize can also be followed live on the Internet at from 11:30 p.m.

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