We come from a spring that has been more particular than any, surely, and we have a summer ahead that we do not know very well how it will be. What we do know is that we will take advantage of it to rest, to enjoy, to travel near or far but having a good time together with ours. To see friends. To make plans. And a plan that cannot be missed in our summer is books. Because they have always been and will be our refuge.

So if you want to disconnect this summer and immerse yourself in the most exciting readings, prepare yourself a cool drink and decide which of these books you are going to start reading first. 🍉📚🍦 # ReadYourSummer

one. ANDl Pandora's message

Whenever a dogma falls, a new world is born. Do you want to know the new world of Javier Sierra?

On the day Arys turned eighteen she received this strange letter. It came to him from Athens wrapped in brown paper with the urge that he should read it immediately. Written in exceptional circumstances, her aunt evokes the last trip they made together in southern Europe and confides in her a secret that she has been keeping for a long time: that ancient myths hide the key to understanding the origin of life, diseases and even our future.

Based on research by leading scientists and Nobel laureates, Javier Sierra has written a dazzling, lucid fable that will expand our view of the issues that are truly meant to upset the balance of our civilization.

2. The naked life

He Azorín Novel Prize 2020 is the Gala trip to the secrets of his family. An emotional and surprising journey in which she will end up being a different person than the one she started.

A phone call changed everything. When Gala begins the trip to say goodbye to her grandmother Rosario, she cannot imagine that she will soon discover that nothing is what she seems in her family: despite appearances, or precisely because of them, everyone has a public life that shows the world, a life private reserved for a few and a secret life that remains hidden for all. Little by little, Gala will uncover the different layers that surround her parents, her brother Mauro and her aunt Julia. And at the top of so many discoveries you will find what you always sought and resisted: love without conditions.

Because we were all someone's secret … Monica Carrillo It brings us a delicious novel where reality will unfold before the reader's eyes.

3. A thousand forbidden kisses

A casual encounter, a passion that is reborn, an unspeakable sin. This is what it gives us Sonsoles Ónega in your new book. You want to know more?

Costanza and Mauro had spent half their lives waiting until an unforeseen meeting on Madrid's Gran Vía once again united their destinations. Costanza, recently separated from her husband, a lawyer in a prestigious office, had in her hands the defense of an important banker, a circumstance that absorbed her every hour of the day. Mauro, Father Mauro, had just returned from Rome to undertake a job commissioned by the Archbishopric of Madrid.

Despite their circumstances and with all the headwinds, the love story that Costanza and Mauro lived twenty years ago is resurrected. Now they must decide between letting themselves be carried away by their feelings or resigning themselves to their contradictions. After the success of After Love, work with which the author obtained the Fernando Lara novel Prize and the recognition of critics and readers, Sonsoles Ónega presents us with a magnificent novel of passions and internal struggles, an exciting novel, full of sensitivity and contrasts,

4. Love was enough

We continue with this list of essentials for a great summer with the new work of Máximo Huerta, a novel that gives us a great life lesson and a jolt in our readers hearts.

Icarus lives with resignation the decline of his parents' marriage, his mother's anguish about the future they will have to face alone, their father's confusion, the restlessness of the whole family. But, while the child awakens to sexuality thanks to the complicity of a schoolmate, one day he also discovers with amazement that he has a gift: he is capable of flying.

This makes him a person admired by his neighbors, but also someone different. In the midst of his revolts, his parents want to protect him, but all he needs is understanding, acceptance and love to complete his emotional education and face the narrow passageway that leads us from adolescence to maturity.

In Love was enough Huerta focuses on the only way of salvation in the face of disagreements, in the face of differences: love. Don't miss out on this exciting read.

5. The heart with which I live

José María Pérez Peridis He is the winner of the 2020 Spring Novel Prize. And the novel that has earned him this recognition brings to the table great themes such as the power of affection, the strength of dignity, the need for sincere reconciliation. Ready to go into an exciting work?

In the pilgrimage of the Carmen day in the town of Paredes Rubias, Esperanza meets Lucas, recently graduated in medicine and wanting to make a place for himself in the world. They have all their lives ahead and the conviction that they are called to be the owners of their destiny.

Two days after that dance, war breaks out violently in the town, sowing destruction and hatred among its people. The families of the two youths are on opposing sides and Gabriel, Lucas's brother, is taken prisoner and sentenced to death. In the midst of this misfortune, a gesture as brave as it is unexpected will have transcendental value.

Perdisi brings us a story that reminds us that, above ideologies, there are always people and that, at decisive moments, we can be capable of the best.

6. Frankenstein's mother

The exciting story of a woman and a man who chose to resist in the most difficult times. The most intense and emotional novel in the Episodes of Endless War cycle.

In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez returned to Spain to work in the Ciempozuelos women's asylum. After going into exile in 1939, he has lived for fifteen years in Switzerland, hosted by the family of Dr. Goldstein.

In Ciempozuelos Germán he meets up with Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a paranoid parricide, very intelligent, who fascinated him at thirteen years old, and he meets a nursing assistant, María Castejón, whom Doña taught to read and write when she was a child. Germán, attracted to María, does not understand her rejection, and suspects that his life hides many secrets. The reader will discover her modest origin as a granddaughter of the asylum gardener, her years as a maid in Madrid, her unfortunate love story, as well as the reasons why Germán has returned to Spain. Twin souls who want to flee from their respective pasts

The signature of Almudena Grandes We already have a great novel and a book that we don't want to take our eyes off for hours.

7. Open heart

We bring you the rise and fall of great passion, the fierce love of two people who seemed to conspire against a serene life.

Based on an episode that occurred in Madrid in 1939, Elvira Lindo He tells us about the passionate and stormy relationship of his parents, and how his excessive personality and her weak heart marked the pulse of the life of the whole family.

Open heart It is a novel that covers our country throughout a century of great changes and contains a tribute to a generation, that of those who remained in Spain in the immediate postwar period, those who, without complaint or regret, concentrated on surviving. Freedom, lucidity and wisdom are concentrated in a book that reflects the lights and shadows of our past.

8. Who are you?

This attractive cover hides a romantic thriller that shows us how fear can prevent us from achieving what we want, what we need or what we dream of. Will you dare win the game? Megan Maxwell He is the one who launches this challenge so we would not think about it for a second. 😉

We introduce you to Martina. She is a teacher and resists having to communicate with people through a screen, something that is becoming very fashionable in Spain in the nineties. Encouraged by some friends, Martina finally enters this new world of chats, friends, laughter, endless nights of fun. Everything becomes idyllic when a person from that digital world, whom he has never seen or known, catches his attention. Her mere presence through the screen attracts her more and more …

However, suddenly someone persecutes and harasses her, and our protagonist begins to be afraid, especially because she has no way of finding out if that threat belongs to real or virtual life. Do not miss this new Megan Maxwell novel with which, in addition to enjoying a beautiful love story, you can feel Martina's fear and courage.

9. And Julia challenged the gods

We continue our list of essentials with Santiago Posteguillo. The winner of the Planeta Prize brings us the biology of a fascinating woman who closes with this volume. If the first installment of this saga was set in 192 AD, when several men fought for the empire, but Julia Domna had something more ambitious in mind: founding a dynasty.

In this second part we will discover a Julia Domna with new challenges. Staying high is much more difficult than reaching. Julia is at the height of her power, but betrayal and family division threaten to spoil everything. To make matters worse, the doctor Galen diagnosed him what the Romans called Cancer. Meanwhile her children star in a brutal confrontation. In the midst of physical and moral pain, the august will cling to a love story stronger than death.

The game for control of the empire continues to bring us to the end of this wonderful saga.

10. The heir

And we come to the end of our journey towards disconnection with the novel by Rafael Tarradas Bultó.

Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián, Madrid, Gijón or Teruel are the settings for a fascinating story of love, courage, loyalty and betrayal, based on real events, which reveals how in a world where the fight for survival brings out the worst in being human… love is a powerful force capable of making us overcome the greatest adversities. A precious message for these difficult times. Also, when you have reached the end of The heir, the Sagniers and the Marquis will already be part of your family. Do you want to meet them?

And if your pile of books is eaten fleetingly … don't worry because your summer is not going to be orphaned by books. Here you will find a selection of readings that will sweeten the summer and that you will remember with nostalgia when it is your turn to return to the routine. 🙈😊

# ReadYourSummer

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