11 arrested in Almería for trafficking in migrants from Algeria to Spain

They are charged with one crime against foreign citizens and another for integration into a criminal group

In just two days, the organization transferred 126 people, including minors and one person with a disability

The Civil Guard in the sidecar operation has arrested 11 people in Almería for illegal trafficking in persons from Algeria to Spain. They are charged with crimes of integration into a criminal group and against foreigners.

Based in Carboneras (Almería), the dismantled organization moved 126 migrants to Spain in two days. For this they used boats that lack the minimum security measures, with an excessive number of people on board. Among the migrants helped by the Civil Guard there are minors, pregnant women and a person with a disability.

Oran-Almería route

The structure of the organization is very similar to that observed on previous occasions with respect to groups dedicated to human trafficking. It is a criminal network that, in an organized way, introduced migrants to Spain by sea from Oran (Algeria).
The branch located in Oran and neighboring towns recruited individuals of Algerian nationality to whom they offered to transfer Spain to boats in exchange for an economic consideration.
For its part, the Spanish branch was in charge of receiving the vessels that arrived at the beaches of Níjar, Carboneras and Mojácar (Almería) and whose occupants were transferred to any point in the Spanish geography and even to countries of the European Union.
The Civil Guard has intervened the nine boats they used – four on the high seas and five on the coast.
The proceedings are at the disposal of the Investigating Court nº 4 of Vera (Almería).


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