11 kilos of "pink cocaine" seized after an investigation by the Civil Guard on one of the most wanted fugitives in the Netherlands

Joint operation with the Netherlands Politie

In addition to this drug, whose apprehension has been the greatest of this substance in our country, 300 kilograms of MDMA, 3 of heroin and € 350,000 in cash have also been intervened

The fugitive from the Dutch authorities has been arrested, being accused in his country of having murdered a 26-year-old young man in a parking lot in Amsterdam

Along with him, another person linked to the far-right Turkish organization “Gray Wolves”, implicated in several murders and especially known for the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, has also been arrested.

The Civil Guard together with the Dutch police, in which it has been called Operation Erxinio, has proceeded to the arrest of the Dutch citizen EGL, 21, who was claimed by the authorities of his country through a European Detention and Surrender Order (OEDE) in force, for his participation in a homicide that occurred in Amsterdam in 2019.

As reported by the Dutch authorities to the Justice Escape Team of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, the now detainee killed a 26-year-old with a firearm in a central parking lot in the city from Amsterdam, after an argument in the wee hours of the morning.

Great social alarm and media coverage in the Netherlands

These events were recorded in the security cameras of the aforementioned parking lot and produced a great social alarm and media coverage, both because of the way the crime was carried out, and because of the young age of the victim.
From that moment on, E.G.L remained unaccounted for, reappearing in Dutch social life after his participation in a video clip of a well-known Dutch rapper.
Although at the beginning of the investigation, the UCO Escape Team had information that located the fugitive in Barcelona, ​​the agents ended up ruling out that possibility. On the other hand, various pieces of information that the Dutch police handed over to the Civil Guard, led the investigators to search for clues about the whereabouts of E. G. L. to Marbella, and even to Portugal, resulting in these unsuccessful attempts.
Already at the beginning of this year, without ceasing in their efforts to locate this person, agents of the UCO Escape Team once again had reliable indications of the possible whereabouts of EGL, focusing the investigation in several points in the province of Valencia, where finally it was located in the capital of that province.
Due to the links that this person had with international organized crime, the Central Anti-Drug Group of UCO joined the investigation by providing numerous agents and technical means that allowed an exhaustive surveillance to be initiated on the environment of the fugitive, in order to identify possible people who were giving coverage in our country.

“Gray Wolves”, an extreme right-wing Turkish organization very present in Europe

To the surprise of the agents, EGL appeared to be hiding with another Dutch person of Turkish origin and directly linked to the far-right Turkish organization "Gray Wolves", known for its links with criminal organizations in several European countries and ideologically linked to the supremacist idea. of the return to Europe of the Ottoman Empire.
Continuing with the investigation, also focused on this second person, the agents were quickly able to confirm that it had strong links with the introduction of synthetic drugs in our country on a large scale, concluding that the address in which these people were hiding could be used as a warehouse for narcotic substances.
Once the whereabouts of the fugitive were communicated to the Dutch authorities, agents from that country traveled to Valencia to assist the investigators of the Central Operational Unit in the search for evidence of the homicide described. Thus, through the issuance of a European Investigation Order, the entry and search was carried out at an address in the center of Valencia where the two investigated persons were located.

Pink Panther, Nexus, Tucibi (2C-B); other names for pink cocaine

In the registry, in addition to proceeding to arrest the two people, the agents have intervened, 300 kilograms of MDMA, 3 of heroin and 11 kilograms of the well-known, among other names, as "pink cocaine", in addition to 350,000 euros in cash, two banknote counting machines and several mobile phones.
According to various studies, 2CB is, today, one of the most widespread new psychoactive substances (NPS) in Europe and Australia.
Internationally, this drug is commonly used in combination with other illegal drugs, particularly MDMA, and is considered by some experts as a "favorite" in the world drug market. In addition, 2C-B is among the chemical compounds that often appear as adulterants when analyzing MDMA pills, meaning that many users may have unknowingly consumed it.
All this has led to it being classified in some areas as "the drug of high society" due to its exclusivity, given its limited availability and high price, indicating that the price of 2CB can reach more than 100 euros per gram.
It is considered in the same way, due to the scarce quantities still seized, that for the moment the synthesis of the drug is presented without accumulated or stock because it is possibly manufactured "to order", or destined for very specific areas and times.
In fact, this seizure becomes the biggest apprehension of this substance in our country, having not previously intervened amounts greater than two kilograms.
In addition to the aforementioned police units, given the danger of these people, the Civil Guard's Special Intervention Unit (UEI) collaborated to enter the home, also counting on specialized dogs from the Cynological Service of the Valencia Command.
The Examining Court number 1 of Valencia has decreed unconditional imprisonment without bail for the two detainees, the Central Examining Court No. 2 of the National Court being informed about the existence of an OEDE on one of the detainees.
For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Central Operational Unit (U.C.O.), telephone 91.503.13.27.
There are video images of this operation for the media that need it in the following link:


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