In the course of a luncheon-colloquium, held at Surtopía restaurant in Madrid, the politician from Cadiz has made a tour of his first months of management at the head of the state-owned port system.
Salvador de la Encina is in charge of the execution of the port policy of the Government of the Nation and of the coordination and efficiency control of the port system, formed by 28 Port Authorities that administer the 46 ports. of general interest, two of them in the province: Cadiz and Algeciras, the latter the busiest in Spain and fourth in Europe.

Next to the components of La 11Mil, Salvador de la Encina has reviewed the economic situation, identifying cases and opportunities for the logistics port sector, as well as its threats.

In this meeting, two new members of La 11Mil, María Gómez Roldós, Legal & Compliance Director at Ingenico Iberia S; and Carlos Miranda, general director of TRH Hotels.

The 11Mil Thus sum the figure of 32 businessmen and managers from Cadiz who develop their activity outside the Cádiz and who maintain a strong emotional bond with their province. Top managers and leaders in different fields that promote and defend -from their independence- the most positive values ​​of the province of Cádiz, its merits and, especially, its potential.

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