12 arrested in Madrid and Andalusia for buying cars with false documentation to resell them

The Civil Guard has recovered nine vehicles, including a quad

The scam has caused an economic loss of 200,000 euros

The Civil Guard has arrested twelve people in Madrid who bought vehicles using falsified documentation for their financing. When they already had the cars in their possession, the financial companies detected the non-payment of the installments and could not locate the debtors.

The Traffic Research and Analysis Group (central GIAT) has already recovered nine vehicles -among them a quad- that were acquired by the dismantled organization.
The detainees are considered perpetrators of crimes of misappropriation of motor vehicle, reception, falsification of documentation and fraud. The economic damage caused amounts to 200,000 euros.
The investigation began as a result of several complaints that the affected companies presented to the Civil Guard. These finance companies detected the non-payment of several vehicles and tried unsuccessfully to contact the debtors.
The criminal organization looked for front men among people with limited economic resources, who were threatened during the scam if they did not collaborate at any time. Once captured, it was these people who signed the sales contracts thanks to the falsified documentation that the organization had previously prepared for them.
Once the vehicle was removed from the dealership, it was transferred to a third party who – without being aware of its illicit origin – bought it for a very affordable price.
The Civil Guard Traffic Group established several police operations in Andalusia and Madrid, where all the scammers were located.
The investigation remains open and new arrests and recoveries of the rest of the financed vehicles are not ruled out.
For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Office for Traffic Grouping Communication at the phone numbers
683.66.66. 72 and 91.535 .7846 ext.-279.


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