The dismantled organization used a sophisticated drug concealment system, impregnating cocaine between the superimposed layers of paper during the cardboard box manufacturing process, which was subsequently extracted through complex chemical processes
Each box contained small amounts of the drug – less than 100 grams – and were shipped from Colombia to Europe in transport containers for pineapples and limes.
The investigation began when agents detected the illicit activities of an individual nicknamed "the surgeon" or "doctorcito", a doctor who was already arrested years ago by the National Police for drug trafficking
The dismantled network had a wide network of contacts to introduce the drug in Europe, even reaching out to representatives of the Los Castañas clan to make use of the logistics of this group in southern Spain.
In addition to the ton of cocaine seized in Bulgaria, 1,200 kilos of pressed cardboard and more than 1,000 liters of chemical products have been located in the Netherlands, with arrests being made in Spain (9), Bulgaria (4), the Netherlands (3) and Colombia. (2)

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