2-2: Castilla starts the second round with a draw

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CHRONICLE | 01/12/2020 | Eduardo Olivera | PHOTOGRAPHER: María Jimenez

Pablo and Baeza scored the goals of the subsidiary, which deserved more against Las Rozas.

  • Spanish League 2nd B G. I
  • Day 20
  • 01/12/2020
Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium
The Real Madrid Castilla added a point in the first game of the second round of the championship. Whites drew 2-2 against Las Rozas in the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano and close a week of four points after his victory on Wednesday against Celta B. The subsidiary dominated most of the game but the visitors came forward on the scoreboard twice. Pablo Y Baeza they managed to match for the whites, who could not transform a penalty and played the last minutes with ten for injury of Feuillassier when the changes had already been exhausted.

Las Rozas was ahead on the scoreboard in the 2 ’. Molina signed the 0-1 after topping a corner. The whites reacted and gradually took control of the game. In 5 ’, Feuillassier was able to match volley and, in 16 ’, Fran Garcia He connected a powerful shot that left shortly. The goal was close and came in 26 ’, when Pablo finished a quick offensive action of Cease Y Feuillassier. Local superiority could be achieved in 38 ’. The referee called a penalty from a visiting defender but Yelco cleared the pitch of Fidalgo.

White superiority

The white team continued to dominate in the restart, with game in the opposite field and numerous arrivals to the area. In 48 ’, a powerful shot of Pablo He intervened the visiting goalkeeper. In 65’, Chust He had to leave the field due to injury. Four minutes later, bad luck was baited with Castilla. From the source failed to clear a long ball and Goalkeeper took advantage of it to score before Belman 1-2.

Baeza tie

Castilla did not give up and got the tie in 76 ’, when Baeza finished off in the area a good center of Fran Garcia to do the 2-2. Feuillassier He had to leave the field due to injury and Castilla, who had already made all three changes, finished the game with ten. Despite the local push in recent moments, the meeting concluded in tables.

2-Real Madrid Castilla: Belman, Sergio López, Fran García, Gila, Chust (De la Fuente, 65 '), Blanco, Martín (Baeza, 74'), Gelabert (Marvin, 59 ’), Fidalgo, Feuillassier and Pablo.
2-Las Rozas: Yelco, Iñaki (Raúl, 80 '), Turégano, Nogueira, Molina, Albur, Samu, Zekri (A.Portero, 61'), Juanma, Reyna (Cedenilla, 26 ') and Gonzalo.

0-1 (min. 2): Molina.
1-1 (min. 26): Pablo.
1-2 (min. 69): Goalkeeper.
2-2 (min. 76): Baeza

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