2-2: Draw against Roma in the last preparation match

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CHRONICLE | 08/11/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Rome) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

Marcelo, in a play to frame, and Casemiro, head, were the Real Madrid scorers in the Olympic.

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  • Friendly
  • 08/11/2019
Olympic Stadium
The Real Madrid tied in their last preseason game against Roma, which won the first edition of the Mabel Green Cup in the penalty shootout. Marcelo, at the end of a great play, and Casemiro, head, were the authors of the many Madrid players in a game in which the first quarter of an hour was for the locals, who had several occasions to get ahead on the scoreboard. They avoided the crossbar, in which he hit Under 8's shot after a hand in hand with Courtois, and the great performance of the Madrid goalkeeper, who solved with solvency the powerful shot of Zaniolo in the 10 ’and showed off after the spectacular volley of Perotti from the front three minutes later.

From there, the Real Madrid began to create danger. Notice Casemiro with a distant shot in 15 ’and a minute later came the genius of the meeting. Great maneuver of Modric, which he received from behind and with the first touch he got rid of his brand and oriented the ball to, with the second, find between lines to Marcelo. The Brazilian did the rest. He cut the front of the area and invented a precise shot with the right to which nothing could do Pau Lopez.

Minutes of heart attack

The locals reacted, which matched in 34 ’. Great personal move by Zaniolo, who left at speed on the right and his pass back took advantage of Perotti. A few minutes of madness followed, in which two goals and several danger plays were seen. The visitors were the first to hit and prove that the laboratory of Zidane Start paying off. The goal came in 39 ’, after a corner in which the ball went back to Marcelo and his center ended up on the net after the stubbornness of Casemiro. Little joy lasted. On the next play Dzeko tied to put the 2-2 with which he came to rest.


Zidane He entered after passing through the changing rooms to Jović Y Vinicius Jr. instead of Nacho Y Valverde. The first danger play starred her Benzema in 47 ’. His thread shot from the front did not find goal by centimeters, although clearer was the hand to hand he had Jović in 65 ’against Pau López, who was more successful. The Serbian, very incisive, had a new opportunity to overtake the whites minutes later. His shot from the penalty spot in 77 'forced the local goalkeeper to intervene again.

Visiting occasions

The Real Madrid arrived more and more danger to the rival area. This time it was Vinicius Jr. who tried in the 80's and found a great stretch of Pau Lopez in response to his tight shot. Three minutes later, Isco started the kickback and the firing of Bale crashed outside the network. Already in the addition he could decide the Welsh match, but his shot found no goal for very little. The penalty shootout made Roma win the first edition of the Mabel Green Cup.

1-0: Kolarov
1-1: Kroos
2-1: Under.
2-2: Isco
3-2: Antonucci
3-3: Bale.
4-3: Crystal.
4-4: Modric
5-4: Spinazzola
5-4: Marcelo, to the crossbar

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