2-2: Real Madrid tie against Bruges

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CHRONICLE | 10/01/2019

Sergio Ramos and Casemiro match Bonaventure's goals in a match in which whites had chances to win.

  • Champions League
  • Day 2
  • 10/01/2019
Santiago Bernabeu
He Real Madrid tied against Bruges in their first game at the home of the Champions 2019/20. The whites, who dominated and had multiple occasions, were about to sign the comeback but they missed the last goal. Bonaventure marked in the first part the many visitors, while Bouquets Y Casemiro they sealed those of the tie in a good second period of the Real Madrid players that was not enough to add the three points.

The script of the match was clear from the start. He Madrid He had possession and the Bruges stayed behind leaving his three attackers off the hook. Benzema He gave the first warning, but it was Bonaventure who culminated a Belgian counter to sign the 0-1 (9 ’). The referee conceded the goal after consulting the VAR. He played with a disadvantage on the scoreboard and Madrid turned to the goal of Mignolet. The occasions followed. Kroos, from outside the area, and Varane, with a header that the rival goalkeeper took, they were close to the draw. However, the Bruges continued to generate danger against and Courtois Tau shot a dangerous shot (34 ’).

Ramos goal

After another attempt at Kroos from the front came the second of Bruges. Bonaventure stole the ball from Modric, went on speed and beat Courtois (39 ’). The game was complicated, but the entire second part was missing to seek the comeback. Areola Y Marcelo they entered by Courtois Y Nacho. Those of Zidane More dumps came out. Hazard, Casemiro, Benzema… Madrid did not stop looking for the goal. Found it Bouquets, head on, in 55 ’. The 1-2, which rose to the scoreboard at the behest of the VAR, gave hope to the team and the Bernabeu.

Casemiro's tie
Zidane exhausted the changes giving entry to Vinicius Jr. There were 20 minutes left to keep trying. Did Modric with a bang that went up. It also created danger Vinicius on the right It was to culminate. A foul that led to the expulsion of Vormer's yellow double led to a draw. Kroos threw it away and Casemiro made the 2-2 head (85 ’). Time played against Madrid but the game was played in the Belgian area. Bouquets Y Varane, after two centers in the area, they were able to achieve 3-2 but the match concluded in tables.

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