3-0: Castilla goals at Di Stéfano

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CHRONICLE | 12/15/2019 | Rodrigo Salamanca | PHOTOGRAPHER: María Jiménez

The goals of Pedro, Fran García and Feuillassier seal the victory against Getafe B in the last game of the year at home.

  • Spanish League 2nd B G. I
  • Day 17
  • 12/15/2019
Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium
He Real Madrid Castilla said goodbye to Alfredo Di Stefano in 2019 with a resounding victory. Whites beat Getafe B 3-0 in the last game of the year at home. Pedro ahead of the whites in 25’ and Fran Garcia and Feuillassier, with a great goal, they certified this important victory in the second period. The next meeting will be at home in front of Celta B to close the year.

The match started with a shot by César in the area that cleared the corner behind (4 ’). The visitor response was swift and Angel tried from afar but without success. From there, the whites became owners of the game and in the 22 ’they were about to do the first. Center Cease, header Fidalgo and Marcos deflects the ball to the crossbar. On the next play, the visiting goalkeeper again saved his team after a shot from Martin. The goal was close and in 25 ’Pedro got it after collecting a rejection of an occasion Marvin. Before the break, Hugo Duro was able to tie but Gila and Belman they saved the Castile.

The next meeting will be at Celta B at home.

In the resumption, the visitors advanced their lines and warned with a shot of Iglesias that he left by little. The white subsidiary gave the reply with two occasions of Feuillassier and Martin. The Madrid players enjoyed control of the ball but failed to close the game. We had to wait at minute 73, when Fran Garcia connected a powerful shot from outside the area that, after touching a defender, became 2-0.

Goal of Feuillassier

Far from being satisfied, Raul's sought to expand their income. Pedro, Cease and Javi Hernandez, That topped the stick, they had the third. In the added time, Feuillassier starred in a great individual play from his field and signed the 3-0 with a right from the front that entered through the squad. Three important points for the Castile.

3-Real Madrid Castilla: Belman, Sergio López, Fran García, Martín, Feuillassier, César (Bravo, 79 ’), Fidalgo, Javi Hernández, Gila, Marvin (Jordi, 68’) and Pedro (Rodrigo, 84 ’).
0-Getafe B: Marcos, Iglesias, Hugo Díaz, Alba, Poulolo, Ángel (Pescador, 73 ’), Hugo Duro, Miranda, Furtado (Rivero, 70’), Acosta (Alfonso, 61 ’) and José Carlos.

(min. 25): Pedro.
(min. 73): Fran Garcia
(min. 90): Feuillassier

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