3-1: Castilla takes advantage in the tie with a great game

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CHRONICLE | 05/25/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

Dani Gómez (2) and Christ scored the Madrid goals against Cartagena in a sensational first part of the subsidiary.

  • Playoff of promotion to Second Division
  • Ida (first round)
  • 05/25/2019
Alfredo Di Stéfano
Great match Castile at the most appropriate time. The subsidiary clearly exceeded Cartagena in the first round of the playoff promotion to Second. With a gala atmosphere in the Alfredo Di Stéfano, those of José Manuel Díaz were serious and forceful in attack to win 3-1 and take advantage in the tie. Dani Gómez (2 and Christ They scored the goals in a sensational first half of the Madridistas. Santi Jara cut distances for the visitors in 86 '. Next weekend, the whites will seek to close the classification in the Cartagonova.

The Castile He soon showed his intentions. Hardly a minute had gone by when Christ He gave the first warning with a shot that went wide. The Whites tried to impose their game and the Cartagena pressed up in search of the ruling. After a few minutes of scoring, the subsidiary began to chain occasions. Of Fruits He was in danger with his speed on the right. Precisely, in that band started a great collective play that ended with a millimeter pass from Christ for what Dani Gómez Mark at the first touch. Golazo and 1-0 (25 ').

More goals

With the score against, the Cartagena took a step forward. Aketxe and Elady Zorrilla starred in the first danger approaches over the Luca area. However the Castile He took advantage of the spaces and achieved the second with a perfect counter initiated from the defense. Of Fruits won in the race to his marker, reached the bottom line and gave the pass of death so that Dani Gómez I returned to beat Joao Costa (33 '). The subsidiary owned the game and it only took three minutes to make it 3-0. This time it was Dani Gómez the assistant and Christ the scorer. First perfect part of Castile that, even, it could have gone with more advantage to the rest.


Cartagena needed to close the gap and started the second half trying to play in Real Madrid. Luca stopped Aketxe's header in the 54th minute. The Whites were very serious in defense and were waiting for their chance to extend the score. Time played in favor of a Castile very well planted in the field. Although it did not arrive as much as in the first part, the subsidiary did not suffer back. José Manuel Díaz began to move the bench and gave entrance to Jaume. Later, they would enter the field Gelabert Y López.

In 68 ', Of Fruits he was about to sign the fourth, but his shot from the right was taken by the visiting goalkeeper. The minutes passed and the scoreboard did not move. In fact, in the 74 ', Cartagena was left with ten for a yellow card to Moisés García. An isolated play gave life to the team of Munúa in 86 '. Ball to the back of the Real Madrid defense and, after a first shot that Luca clears, Santi Jara reduces distances. The goal spurred the visitors, who finished the game attacking. However, in the end, victory by 3-1 in a great meeting of the subsidiary.

3-Real Madrid Castilla: Luca, Dani Fernández, Fran García, Álex, Javi Sánchez, Martín (Jaume, 64 '), De Frutos, Seoane (Gelabert, 72'), Dani Gómez (López, 80), Cristo and Fidalgo.
1-Cartagena: Joao Costa, Joshua Mejias, Jesus Alvaro (Luis Mata, 22 '), Moisés García, Ayala (Óscar Ramírez, 46'), Cordero, Moyita, Vitolo, Aketxe (Antonio, 77 '), Santi Jara and Elady Zorrilla.

1-0 (min.25): Dani Gómez
2-0 (min.33): Dani Gómez
3-0 (min 36): Christ.
3-1 (min 86): Santi Jara.

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