3-2: Castilla faces Tenerife

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CHRONICLE | 08/10/2019 | Rodrigo Salamanca

Pedro and Pablo, the authors of the goals in a match where the subsidiary sought the tie until the end.

  • Friendly
  • 6th match
  • 08/10/2019
Heliodoro Rodríguez López
The Real Madrid Castilla could not get the victory against Tenerife in the sixth commitment of the season, which was held at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. The duel was expected difficult against a rival who plays in the silver division of Spanish football. The premises were ahead in the first moments of the meeting after a clearing of Altube in the front that with such bad luck hit Ayoub's back and left Dani Gomez alone before the empty goal. The Blue and Whites felt comfortable in a rival field looking for long passes that disturbed the Madrid area. In one of those, there was an advance pass from Suso that Dani Gomez did not miss to make the 2-0 (27 ’).

White reaction

Three minutes later the subsidiary cut distances with a foul close to the area that Fidalgo and Pedro focused, anticipating the island defense, headed to put it to the second post with no options for Ortolá. Tenerife returned to the attack and in 37 ’Dani Gómez made a powerful shot that left near the goal of the Castile. At the edge of the break, Bermejo had another occasion from afar, but the ball went slightly deflected.

The next appointment of Castilla will be before the Cultural Leonesa.

After passing through the locker room, Tenerife surprised again with a Luis Pérez center that sent the penalty spot for Milla to beat Altube under (47 ’). Raul's were trying to react and Javi Hernandez Y. Baeza They tried.

Good end of the match

The visitors reacted and Guillem a good center was invented in the heart of the area so that Pablo mark the second of the targets and put emotion. The draw was close and the team led by Raul looked until the end the goal that put the tables. In '89, Jordi put in a poisoned center that almost ended up inside and then it was Fidalgo the one who ran into Dani after a shot. The end was a heart attack when the blue and white defense took Pablo's shot under sticks, but ended with a visiting defeat. The next appointment of Castilla will be before the Cultural Leonesa.

3- Tenerife: Ortolá (Dani, 45 '), Alberto (Alejandro, 60'), Milla, Naranjo, Suso, Bermejo (Borja, 45 '), Aitor Sanz (Barrena, 60'), Mazán (Ismael, 45 '), Moore (Luis Pérez, 45 '), Sipcić (Carlos, 60') and Dani Gómez (Llarena, 82 ').
2-Real Madrid Castilla: Altube, López (Gillem, 45 '), Fran García (Víctor, 45'), Manu Hernando (Gila, 45 '), De la Fuente (Javi Hernández, 45'), Bravo, Marvin (Latasa, 56 '), Ayoub (Miguel Baeza, 45 '), Pedro (Pablo, 65'), Fidalgo and Jordi.

1-0 (min. 4): Dani Gomez
2-0 (min. 27): Dani Gomez
2-1 (min. 30): Pedro.
3-1 (min. 47): Mile.
3-2 (min. 84): Pablo.

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