31 detainees from two organizations dedicated to the theft of trucks and industrial warehouses

In the three searches carried out in Madrid and Toledo, the Civil Guard has recovered 16 trucks, tons of food, drinks, vehicle batteries and tobacco, all valued at two million euros

The main recipients were supermarkets run by citizens of Chinese nationality

The Civil Guard has dismantled in Madrid two criminal organizations that were dedicated to the theft of trucks and industrial buildings. There are 31 people arrested and another 21 are being investigated for crimes against property and belonging to a criminal organization.

The two dismantled organizations carried out a total of 36 robberies in industrial estates in Madrid, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Guadalajara, Salamanca and Burgos.
The Tractonault operation began a year ago after the theft of a truck full of oil in Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real). The investigators found that all the members of the organization had a record for the same investigated events.
They also discovered how this group was structured hierarchically. The head of the organization planned the outings. The second step was dedicated to setting the objectives (trucks or ships likely to be stolen). Another group manipulated the alarm and GPS location systems, and provided security while they carried out the robberies.
Finally, the receivers bought the stolen merchandise to later commercialize it generally to Chinese citizens who sold in different stores and supermarkets.

Shared driver

After investigating the driver who moved the stolen trucks, the Civil Guard discovers how he worked for a second organization. Due to his high qualification and skill, this driver had been booked by the second dismantled organization. This shared driver was the only one of the detainees who possessed all the licenses to drive heavy vehicles.
Both organizations acted on Fridays and weekends, taking advantage of the fact that it was the time when the trailers were loaded with effects for the following week.

Modus operandi

The two organizations stole powerful high-end vehicles, bending the license plates of others of the same make and model. The detainees used these cars to travel to the places where they were going to rob a truck or industrial warehouse.
As a security measure, they used frequency jammers that override the alarm systems and GPS detectors to locate those who were carrying the trucks and render them useless.
Once a truck was stolen, it was taken to a polygon in the province of Madrid or Toledo. After a few days, they changed their license plates for stolen or counterfeit ones and they took it to one of the concealment warehouses where they unloaded the merchandise.
Many of the products have been delivered to their rightful owners and others have been delivered to different food banks in Madrid. The economic valuation of the effects stolen and recovered amounts to two million euros.


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