33 arrested in two anti-drug operations of the Civil Guard in Almería, Murcia and Castellón

The 16 detainees in Almería and Murcia had about 3,000 liters of gasoline in cans that they used to transport the drug.

In the records carried out, a total of 17,600 euros in cash and 40 SIM cards of mobile phones have been seized

The 17 detainees in Castellón are members of a family clan that led nine points of sale in bunkerized homes

The Civil Guard has detained 33 people in two anti-drug operations that have been carried out in Almería, Murcia and Castellón.

In the framework of the “Trementina” operation, the Civil Guard has broken up in Almería a criminal organization dedicated to distributing large quantities of hashish, seizing a total of 3,060 kilos of hashish.

16 people have been arrested in Almería and Murcia for the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug trafficking and falsification of registration.

Likewise, six searches have been made in the towns of Adra and Berja, in which, among other effects, a total of 17,600 euros in cash, about 3,000 liters of gasoline and more than 40 mobile phone SIM cards have been seized, used for the commission of the criminal act. 2 large capacity vehicles have been intervened, one of them with false registration.

The investigation began at the beginning of this year after learning about the movements carried out by several people, members of a criminal organization based in the Almería province, and whose purpose was the trafficking of hashish on a large scale, whose origin was in North Africa and whose final destination were the European countries.

Operation of the operation

Subsequently, the Civil Guard established a surveillance and control device in the coastal area of ​​the municipality of Adra, which allowed detecting the presence of a boat approaching the coast that was sailing silently and with the lights off to avoid its location.
Once detected, the action protocol was put in place with the Central Operativa de Servicios (C.O.S.) of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Almería, to coordinate the rest of the units in service and control of access to the beach. The agents managed to thwart a cache of 25 bales of hashish weighing 750 kilos of hashish, some of them arranged with locating beacons, and detained three people.
As a result of the previous arrests, it was possible to determine that the members of the criminal group were based in the municipality of Adra, so that the investigation in the development of their criminal activity was centralized.
Thus, last March and in full declaration of the state of alarm, this same network tried to introduce a stash again near the area of ​​the mouth of the river, passing through the town of Adra, which was frustrated by the Civil Guard . 77 bales of arpillería that contained 2,310 kilos of hashish were intervened, arresting three other people.
After the previous arrests and arrests, the rest of the members of the investigated group were identified and the last phase of the operation proceeded, in which the agents carried out 6 searches in the towns of Adra and Berja with the result 10 people arrested, and the apprehension of 17,600 euros in cash and more than 40 mobile phone SIM cards, used for the commission of the criminal act.

Sales leaders in Castellón

On the other hand, in the Atipa operation, the Civil Guard has managed to dismantle a leading family clan in drug sales in Castellón. The network managed a total of nine points of sale that have already been deactivated.
There are 17 detainees who are charged with crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal organization, being a very active group in the distribution and retail sale of drugs at the provincial and border levels.
After practicing ten records in Castellón, Almassora and Burriana, the Civil Guard has also dismantled four indoor marijuana plantations.
The members of this criminal clan adopted extreme security measures, both in their travels and in the shielding of their homes. They also took sanitary measures at their points of sale, where they placed methacrylate screens for the direct dispensation of the drug.
Given the complexity and volume of the operation, as well as the areas of its development, nearly 300 members of the Civil Guard have intervened in the device.
The proceedings instructed by the Trementina operation, together with the detainees, have been delivered to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2 in Berja (Almería) and to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 8 of Murcia.
The investigation instruction of the Atipa operation has been coordinated and promoted by the Investigation Court number 2 of Castellón.
For more information contact O.P.C. from the Commandery of Almería, telephones 680.411.337, and from the Commandery of Castellón on 628 140 650.


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