36 clan members arrested and seized more than four tons of hashish

Joint operation of the Civil Guard and National Police

It has managed to dismantle one of the most active organizations in the Campo de Gibraltar dedicated to the trafficking of hashish from Morocco to the coasts of Andalusia, for distribution throughout Europe

In the 18 searches carried out, the agents have also intervened 19 vehicles, nine boats, two weapons and cash

The Civil Guard and the National Police, within the framework of the Poodle / Blonde operation, have dismantled one of the most active criminal organizations operating in the Campo de Gibraltar dedicated to the trafficking of hashish from Morocco to the coasts of Andalusia, for distribution throughout Europe, arresting its 36 members belonging to a clan known as the pantojas.

There have been 18 entries and searches in the Campo de Gibraltar region where 4,300 kilograms of hashish have been operated, 19 vehicles, 9 semi-rigid, recreational, fishing and jet ski boats, numerous electronic, telephone and nautical equipment, a submachine gun and a handgun and cash.
The joint investigation began in April of last year as a result of the investigations carried out by the investigators on the clan, some of them belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of hashish.
As a result of this investigation, the agents were able to verify that at the head of the group was an acquaintance of the State Security Forces and Bodies nicknamed the Pantoja. This person linked to drug trafficking since his youth, would have been climbing positions and become a trusted man of the drug trafficker fled from Justice nicknamed "EL MESSI", for whom he carried out security and logistics tasks.
The organization functioned as a cooperative and they did not hesitate to use violence to escape police action. The "Clan" was made up of several groups that interact to carry out the caches. Under the head of the organization, his lieutenant supervises, under the direction of the former, the work of both land and water.
In charge of the ground work, there was another person in charge who, among other tasks, was in charge of the collas (porters' crews), drivers and vehicles used for transport, points (those in charge of security), as well as the custody of the drug in nurseries.
Regarding the water tasks (boats, the necessary logistics, the crews and security), the Pantoja lieutenant was directly in charge, supported by two brothers. For the latter, they established points at sea with boats and thus be able to control police boats.
The organization had two ways to introduce hashish to shore, day and night. In the daytime hours they made caches in pleasure boats and took advantage of the weekends, when there is more transfer of these boats, to lighten using transshipment with semi-rigid boats. They loaded about half a ton of drugs into each stash. In the night hours, preferably at dawn, they put the drug in powerful semi-rigid boats, known as gums, these usually carry 1 to 3 tons of hashish.
After the intervention of several caches to the organization and knowing the members and their role in it in its entirety, the property was searched and its members arrested, who are accused of crimes belonging to the Organization. Criminal, Against Public Health, Contraband, Forgery of Documents and Theft / Use of motor vehicle.
The operation has been carried out by the OCON-SUR of the Civil Guard and the UDYCO of Algeciras of the National Police, coordinated with Investigating Court No. 5 of Algeciras.


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