We discover the literary origin of some of the best films of Spanish cinema.

The Goya return, the great party of our cinema. One more year, the best creators of the Spanish film industry will parade through the glamorous red carpet hoping to win the award in their respective categories. Do you already have your bets?

In this thirty-fourth edition, and for the third time in its history, the gala leaves Madrid. On this occasion he moved to the Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Malaga – the first time, in 2000, it took place in Barcelona; the second, in 2019, in Seville. The Goya of Honor this time will be for Marisol, Pepa Flores, the prodigy girl we all met by filling our screen of light and color … and to which the Goya 2020 will honor for having been one of the actresses that revolutionized the culture in Spain in the sixties and seventies.

In PlanetadeLibros we love great stories, that's why we celebrate every time one moves to the big screen. Precisely, throughout their history, the Goya have deservedly rewarded some of those works. For you to open your mouth before the gala, We offer you a small selection of books whose film adaptation ever received the Goya for the best film.

Before, however, and so that you can take advantage of that cinephile friend who already knows for sure who will win … we want to name two works with many points to get hold of one of the precious ones big heads. They are based on two books, of course.


Candidate for 5 Goya awards, including the one of best film Y best adapted script.

The book is the work of Jesus Carrasco and narrates the escape of a child through a country punished by drought and ruled by violence. A closed world in which morality has escaped through the same sink through which the water has gone. Your meeting with a pastor will be more decisive than either of you expects. On the screen they put face to the characters Luis Tosar, Jaime López or Luis Callejo.

Advantages of traveling by train

This film is eligible for four Goya awards, including best adapted script Y best new address for Aritz Moreno. The original story is from Antonio Orejudo and he was raised as one of the most admired authors of current Spanish literature.

After leaving her husband admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the north, a woman returns by train to Madrid. In the car, a stranger, to liven up the trip, suddenly asks: "Do you feel like telling me about my life?" Pilar Castro, Ernesto Alterio or Luis Tosar parade across the screen to give life to a magnetic plot worthy of Goya.

Now, without further delay, we leave you with the literary titles that once became statuettes. 🍿🎥


The trip to nowhere It is the vital account of some "comedians of the language" in the post-war era. A boy who does not want to continue in the family business and a father who must fight against the technical advances of cinema, which relegates the theater to the background making his company in danger.

The novel was written by Fernando Fernán Gómez, who also wrote the script, directed the film and acted in it. All a feat that earned him the statues of best director, best script and best movie, nothing less than in the first edition of the 1987 Goya Awards!


The books that triumphed at the Goya gala

Based on the 1943 novel published by Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, The lively forest in sixteen stories he tells the stories of the inhabitants of the forge of San Salvador de Cecebre, a peculiar Galician parish. Nature and magic intermingle in this novel that has been moved to the screen in the form of short film, feature film and animated film.

In 2001 The lively forest, you will feel its magic won a Goya for the best original song and was shortlisted to compete for the Oscar for the best animated film, but long before, In 1987, the novel had been adapted by the expert hand of José Luis Cuerda, who won five Goya awards for the film: best film, best actor (Alfredo Landa), best screenplay, best original music and best costume design.


The books that triumphed at the Goya gala

Also in 1987, the playwright José Sanchis Sinisterra surprised the public with the work Ay Carmela!, the story of a group of comedians who liven up the day-to-day life of Republican soldiers during the Civil War and who, when captured by the opposing side, are forced to offer a show totally opposite to nationals He dictates his creed.

The film of the same name was, under the direction of Carlos Saura, awarded a whopping 13 Goya Awards, which makes it the second most awarded film in the history of the Awards to date, only surpassed by the Sea Inside (2004). In addition, along with the latter and I give you my eyes (2003), it is the only one that can boast of holding the five main awards (best director, film, script, actor and main actress).


The books that triumphed at the Goya gala

Black bread it's a novel by Emili Teixidor published in 2003 that narrates the childhood learning of Andrés, a boy of republican parents whose parent is incarcerated and the mother of whom is forced to leave him in charge of relatives. The novel shows, in the form of a metaphor centered on Andrés, the transformation of the country after the Civil War from the side of the losers.

The work was taken to the cinema by Agustí Villaronga in 2010 (Pa negre in its original Catalan), which mixed it with other texts by Emili Teixidor achieving a perfect mix. I would earn him nine Goya Awards, a Silver Frames, a Silver Shell, the Rose of Sant Jordi and fifteen Gaudí Awards. A true milestone.

Four great literary works for four great jewels of the seventh art. And now, enjoy the gala! Remember: it will begin this Saturday at 10 pm and will be repeated as ceremony masters Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente.

And don't worry. If you have been wanting more cinema and literature, here you can find some great books dedicated to the art of cinema.

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