Take advantage of sleepless nights to create the best possible literary atmosphere. We recommend five black novels to read in a dim light, surrounded by silence.

May the intrigue catch you. Let yourself be seduced by fear. Feel the adrenaline flow through the pages …

1. The lords of time

We begin with the last part of the White City Trilogy, The lords of time. An absorbing black novel that closes the trilogy based on the mythology and legends of Alava.

On this occasion, the young inspector Unai López de Ayala (aka Kraken), will have to face mysterious deaths that follow a medieval modus operandi.

Which, in addition, are identical to the murders described in the novel The lords of time. During this exciting investigation, the inspector will discover whatand this mysterious book It has a lot to do with its own past. And that discovery can change your life forever.

Note for the most moviegoers: The silence of the white city, the first part of the trilogy, travels to the big screen and will be released in cinemas on October 25. An unmissable date!

two. Before those who do not love die

After the success of Dying is not what hurts the most, Inés Plana come back with Before those who do not love die, a dizzying novel through which tormented and complex characters transit.

At Christmas 2009, Lieutenant Julian Tresser investigates the murder of a Social Security official who dies when she is violently pushed against a window by a young woman who runs away without a trace.

Tresser is working on this case when the first reliable clue emerges about Luba's whereabouts, a twelve-year-old girl who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Since then, Tresser has been desperately looking for that girl who is not her daughter, but it should be. What he doesn't imagine is that the little girl has been confined in a sordid world from which she tries to escape.

3. The traffic light girl and the man in the car

We continue with The traffic light girl and the man in the car of David Orange, a black novel that has become an editorial phenomenon because of the excellent reviews of readers.

Jack Miller is a genius of numbers whose specialty is the study of probability, specifically of random phenomena. After years working on a mysterious project that is about to pay off, he decides to put everything at risk for something he has never had, a woman …

Meanwhile, a mysterious serial killer puts the FBI in check with his elaborate staging and disturbing symbolism. The only clue that researchers have? A black sedan

4. The north face of the heart

I could not miss in this list the new novel of Dolores Round, The north face of the heart. In this long-awaited book, we will travel to August 2005, with a 25-year-old Amaia Salazar, long before the crimes that shocked the Baztán Valley.

The Deputy Inspector of the Foral Police participates in an exchange course for Europol police in the US, in which one of the tests is to study the real case of a serial killer called “The composer”. Your modus operandi? He always acts during the great natural disasters attacking entire families and following a macabre staging.

Unexpectedly, Amaia will be part of the research team that will take them to New Orleans, on the eve of the worst hurricane in its history, to try to get ahead of the "composer." But a call from his aunt Engrasi from Eliozondo will awaken childhood ghosts in Amaia …

5. Millennium 6: The girl who lived twice

Finally we propose the vertiginous end of the Millennium saga: The girl who lived twice. Every great story deserves its grand finale, and in this sixth book one of the most successful series of recent times closes.

Attention! If you have not read the previous books and do not want spoilers, we recommend that you do not read from here.

Now yes: Lisbeth Salander is ready for the final battle against the only person who, being exactly like her, is the opposite in everything: her sister Camilla. But, this time, it will be Lisbeth who takes the initiative. He has left Stockholm, sports a new hairstyle and no longer wears piercings. I could go through one more executive. But the executives do not carry a gun, they are not hackers nor do they have marks that remind them of a dark past.

Meanwhile, Mikael Blomkvist investigates the death of a beggar. It is only known that he died appointing the Swedish Defense Minister, and that in his pocket he had the journalist's phone number.

Have you been wanting more? Do not miss our selection of black novel!

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