Take advantage of sleepless nights in the heat to create the best literary atmosphere possible. We recommend five black novels to read in a dim light, surrounded by silence.

Let the intrigue catch you. Let yourself be seduced by fear. Feel the adrenaline flow with the passage of the pages …

1. The lords of time

We begin with the last part of the White City Trilogy, The lords of time. An absorbing black novel that closes the trilogy based on mythology and the legends of Álava.

On this occasion, the young inspector Unai López de Ayala (aka Kraken), will have to face some mysterious deaths that follow a medieval modus operandi.

Which, in addition, are identical to the murders described in the novel The lords of time. During this fast-paced investigation, the inspector will discover whatand this mysterious book It has a lot to do with your own past. And that discovery can change your life forever.

Note for the most moviegoers: The silence of the white city, the first part of the trilogy, travels to the big screen and will be released in cinemas next October 25. A must-see appointment!

2. The trace of evil

During a school visit to the site of Atapuerca, a student discovers that one of the human reproductions that imitate hominid burials thousands of years ago is, in reality, the body of a dead girl.

The young woman seems to have been placed using a macabre ritual symbolism, and all the clues point to a disconcerting homicide similar to that which occurred six years ago in another Asturian site.

Too many details are reminiscent of this case, so the judge asks the police officers who took charge then to return: Silvia Guzmán, inspector of the UDEV, and Daniel Valverde, explained that he is dedicated to private security. However, no one knows that both have a secret love past that ended abruptly and had much to do with the truncated resolution of the previous case.

Now, Silvia and Daniel must collaborate and clarify their feelings to close wounds of the past and discover the reservoir killer.

3. If this is a woman

I could not miss in this list the police series written four hands by Lorenzo Silva Y Noemí Trujillo. The inspector of homicides Manuela Mauri takes seven months of loss when she receives the visit of the officer Guadalupe Larbi to ask him to rejoin: only she has the authority and drive necessary to carry out a complicated investigation in which the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of Madrid does not manage to advance: Operation Landfill.

Three months ago human remains appeared in the landfills of Pinto and Valdemingómez. The whole corpse has not been found and there is not a single clue that can indicate who committed the crime. And the worst: the victim has not yet been identified.

To complicate things further, Manuela is in the crosshairs of her colleagues and superiors: her confidence hangs in the balance after the events that occurred around the suicide seven months ago of Chief Inspector Alonso, in which Manuela was unfairly spattered.

4. The big lie

Imagine entering your son's room. As always, everything is a mess: food remains scattered and lots of clothes lying on the floor. You open the closet to put everything in its place … and you see it. And you realize that your own son can be a danger.

Stephanie Maddox is the director of the Internal Affairs Department of the FBI. Getting here has cost her hard work and personal sacrifices, such as her relationship with her son Zachary, who is waiting impatiently for her admission to the university.

Although Stephanie missed many school events, birthdays and vacations, she would do anything for her son. But he could never imagine that Zachary would keep his own secrets.

5. The fifth victim

Finally, we propose the dizzying sequel to The fourth monkey, where the past of Anshon Bishop and a new wave of grisly crimes will take your breath away.

Attention! If you have not read The fourth monkey and you dont want spoilers, we recommend that you do not continue reading from here.

Now yes: the FBI has withdrawn from the case Anson Bishop, the killer of The fourth monkey, to Porter and his team. Soon they face a new series of murders: after disappearing for 3 weeks, the body of a young woman appears in a pond, although the water has been frozen for months. And, in addition, it takes the clothes of another young person disappeared only two days ago.

From here, the team must rebuild the clues, while Porter continues secretly following the trail of Anson. Until he realizes that you can not play God if you do not know the devil well

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