There are several legends about how the February 14, Valentine, It became Valentine's Day …

Perhaps the best known is that which refers to a priest of the third century who challenged the authority of Emperor Claudius II. How? Secretly marrying young soldiers with their loved ones, since at that time it was forbidden because a “single” warrior was considered a better fighter, since he had no ties to condition him. Obviously this legend has a fatal outcome for the poor priest … who ended up suffering innumerable torments in the prisons of the Empire and was finally executed on February 14, 270 AD. C.

There we have already marked our date for the most passionate hearts, which also plays a very important role in the world of the written page. Why Literature is full of stories of lovers: of impossible love, persecuted love, of love that stays beyond time and distance, steamy and passionate love… of stories that bristle your skin as a reader.

And you are one of the people who believe in love at first sight … of those who believe that love needs time and dedication … of people who dedicate all their time and (own) love to enjoy singleness … we bring you a selection of books that will make your heart beat fast. Do you believe in love at the first page? We are convinced that in this list you will find your next crush!

Aware that love is already in the air … we have selected some works in which it is clear that LOVE, with capital letters, has been and is one of the most important sources of inspiration for writers of any age. We hope this list serves to inflame the flame of passion in the chest of all lovers of literature. Get ready to start believing in love on the front page!

Break, heart, from Cristina López Barrio.

A disturbing disappearance. A passion that always comes back. A legend that crosses time. In Break, heart from Cristina López Barrio We will discover the story of Blanca Oliveira, a woman who will soon regret having returned to the family home where her daughter Alba disappeared thirteen years ago. A few months after returning and settling with her new husband and two daughters, one of them disappears. The only clue? A red bow.

In the pages of this book you will find an impressive choral plot where suspense and police intrigue intermingle with the power of family ties, the magic of fairy tales and the traps of love passion.

A perfect gentleman, from Pilar Eyre

This novel by Pilar Eyre You will fall in love totally and completely from the first page: in a Barcelona of winners and losers, she offered him the only thing he could not have. And yes, we talk about love.

In A perfect gentleman, The author invites us to look through the keyhole at the most hidden, fascinating and shameful secrets of a Barcelona of contrasts, from the orgies at the Ritz Hotel to the devoted masses of twelve. The intimate life of its protagonists in elegant flats or in humble caves. Servants and gentlemen, poor and rich, honest and scoundrels tell their magnetic story with an end as sweeping as the entire book.

The beat of the earth, from Gabás light

The fourth appointment on this list is with Gabás light and his wonderful novel The beat of the earth. Alira is the heiress of the mansion and the lands that her family has been keeping for generations and there is debate between staying true to her origins or adapting to the new times. When he thinks he finds the answer to his doubts, a mysterious disappearance disturbs the apparent calm that reigned in the house, the only one inhabited in a small abandoned town. A wink of destiny will force her to face her past and to question how much she had been immutable.

Or, put another way, a beautiful story of passion, loyalty, intrigue and mixed feelings awaits you on the other side of the delicate cover of this book.

Sofia's suspicion, by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica

Now let's look back for a moment, at the common past of Europe, with a vibrant novel, like all of Paloma Sánchez-Garnica.

In a Europe divided by an insurmountable wall, two men and a woman will desperately seek their destiny. She is called Sofia; He Daniel. Together they have a bland life until he receives an anonymous letter in which he is told that Sagrario, whom he venerates, is not his true mother and that if he wants to know the truth of his origin he must go to Paris that same night. This letter will push the characters to a series of terrible events and unexpected encounters that will forever disrupt their lives. All with a backdrop through which the KGB, the Stasi, late-Franco Spain or May 68 parade … reasons added to read Sofia's suspicion.

The long way home, from Alan Hlad

In September 1940, while German bombs fall on Britain, young Susan and her grandfather Bertie find comfort in raising and training carrier pigeons that the Army will use to convey information about the movements of the Nazis in occupied France.

Thousands of kilometers away, in the United States, a young pilot named Ollie decides to join the RAF, thus contacting the National Pigeons Service, where he meets Susan. Do you want to know how the story of these two characters continues? Well, don't get lost The long way home, from Alan Hlad. Hlad's is a fascinating and epic novel about anonymous heroes that is inspired by the true story of Operation Columba, devised by Winston Churchill.

So if this Valentine does not feel like celebrating anything, or you want to celebrate by giving away stories and not chocolates … Or if you are simply looking for a story from which to fall captive as if it were a filter of love, We hope that in this selection you will have found your next crush. And enjoy your romance from the first page!

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