Yes, it's already in theaters Aladdin, the expected remake in real action of the Disney classic directed by Guy Ritchie. In this film we will relive the adventures of the witty and mischievous Aladdin (Mena Massoud), the brave and determined Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) and the fun and unpredictable Genius (Will Smith).

Aladdin is based on the traditional Arabic story Aladdin, which is part of the compendium of stories Arabian Nights. It is the famous story of an adorable little thief from Agrabah who wishes to leave behind his past, convinced that the future holds something better for him; and of Princess Jasmine, the Sultan's daughter, who dreams of exploring the world that exists beyond the limits of her palace.

In PlanetadeLibros we are excited about this new adaptation of one of the best animated musicals of Disney, and we have prepared a list with five amazing curiosities this classic to celebrate:


5 curiosities about Aladdin that you did not know - Disney treasures

The animators of the 1992 film were inspired by the actors who put the characters' voices to use as a direct reference. The animator Eric Goldberg, who was in charge of giving life to the charismatic Genius, used the eccentric improvisation of Robin Williams to design not only the appearance of the character, but to provide fluency and complete the development of the story.

And is that Williams left nothing less than 16 hours of material recorded! All this footage was the cause of Aladdin could not qualify for the Oscar Award for best adapted screenplay.


5 curiosities about Aladdin that you did not know - graphic novel

Aladdin it meant everything box office record in theaters for the animated films in 1992: it obtained more than 200 million dollars only in the United States, and more than 504 million in the whole world. It also became one of the most successful films in the domestic market, surpassing two of the most important releases of the year, Batman Returns Y Only at home 2.


5 curiosities about Aladdin that you did not know - rough diamond

The animated character of Aladdin is inspired by the actor Tom Cruise, although initially it was also thought of actor Michael J. Fox as a model. The pants worn by Aladdin also have a clear referent: those that the singer wore MC Hammer in the mythical music video U can not touch this.

To illustrate Jasmine, meanwhile, the illustrators opted for a mix between the actress Jennifer Connely and the sister of Mark Henn, one of the cartoonists who worked on the film.


5 curiosities about Aladdin that you did not know - the novel

Does the vizier remind you of someone Jafar? It is directly inspired by Maleficent, the evil witch and antagonist of Sleeping Beauty. Both are tall and thin, share a similar style and like the scepters of power (and the power itself, of course).

They have the company of an ingenious flying mascot that supports them in their plans: the red macaw Iago, in the case of Jafar; and the black crow Devil, in the Maleficent. In addition, the two are transformed into giant animals throughout their respective films.


Do you remember the mysterious Cave of Wonders? This cave with peculiar tiger head shape, next to the flying carpet, were the first two characters designed by computer for an animated film.

A breakthrough for 1992!

Have you been wanting more Aladdin? We recommend, in addition to the official book of the film, a very special luxury edition with sketches, illustrations and anecdotes from the original artists of Disney Studio. Do not miss the entire collection!

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