You are only you and your book. Nobody else. You disconnect Neither mobile, nor email, nor bosses appearing at your table to remind you of that meeting at the wrong time, nor an empty refrigerator because you have closed all the stores on the way home, no dinners to do, no children to bed.

5 novels that will thrill you. 5 novels to disconnect from the madding crowd.

one. Someday, today by Ángela Becerra

We start this list with the winner of the Novel Prize Fernando Lara 2019: a great love story, full of epic, exuberance and feelings, that builds a monument to the purest friendship.

Based on a real event happened in 1920 in Colombia, this novel tells the story of Betsabé Espinal, who at only 23 years becomes a heroine in one of the first female strikes in history.

And it is that Bathsheba carries within her the strength of femininity, as well as the magic and rebellion necessary to overcome all obstacles that come her way.

two. Yo, Julia of Santiago Posteguillo

The winning novel of Planeta 2018 Award It is, without a doubt, one of our favorites of the year. "Yo, Julia" takes us to the year 192 AD, where we meet Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife of Emperor, who has a very ambitious goal: to forge a dynasty.

Rome is under the control of Commodus, a mad emperor. The Senate is plotted to end with him and several governors could give a coup. To avoid a possible rebellion, Comfortable retains the women of the dangerous military, among which is Julia. Suddenly, Rome burns. Will it be a disaster or an opportunity?

3. The German house by Annette Hess

The life of Eva Bruhn is centered in the German house, the traditional restaurant run by her parents and where the Bruhn family shares the little things of everyday life. But in 1963 the first trial of Auschwitz is celebrated and the destiny causes that Eva finishes collaborating with the office of the public prosecutor like interpreter, in spite of which her family strongly opposes it.

As Eva translates the testimonies of the survivors of the concentration camps, she discovers the horror that happened in them and a part of the story that she totally ignored. Why do they all insist on leaving it behind? Why are missing photos in the family album?

Four. Candle of Juan del Val

The play winner of Spring Prize of Novel 2019, tells the story of a woman in her forties with a normal life.

Candela is used to solitude, is observant and has a peculiar sense of humor. "I have stretch marks, cellulite and an ugly bitch named Chelo. At first she was pretty, but when she grew up her ass was widened. The same thing that happened to me, saving the distances … ».

He works in a neighborhood bar, which he runs with his grandmother and his mother. Juan del Val He has built a truthful novel with hilarious humor that will make us know a unique woman.

5. The suspicion of Sofia by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica

Finally, we propose you Suspicion of Sofia, the new novel by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica. The anodyne lives of Sofia and Daniel change radically when he receives an anonymous letter with a very disturbing message: who says he is his mother is not really, and if he wants to know the truth of his origin must travel to Paris that night.

Intrigued, he asks his father about this issue, and he recommends not to remove the past. But there are questions that need an answer, although this may trigger a succession of terrible events.

Paloma Sánchez-Garnica conjugates with mastery this history of identity search in a journey through a divided Europe, where the Berlin Wall, the Stasi, the KGB and the counterespionage services of late-Franco Spain play a key role. Safety pin!

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