We will agree that the fall of 2020 is being an atypical autumn … because we have never had to experience a pandemic situation and the restrictions that it entails before. Still there are always little pleasures that we can count on, whether inside or outside the home, and if you are reading this blog we are quite convinced that you share our passion for reading. 😜

So on a day like today #DayOfLibrerías, we cannot avoid celebrating those places that feed us with stories, those people who pamper us and recommend our next crush literary. These are our five reasons why walking into a bookstore is like dreaming with your eyes open. Would you add any to the list? 📚🥰

1. Because nobody pampers us more than our bookseller

There is no naaaada in the world like that, as soon as you enter the door, your bookseller tells you that a new book by that author that you like so much has just arrived. Because bookstores have the essential charm of personal treatment, of getting to know each other, of knowing what we like and what may interest us… and of discovering reading wonders that we would not have known otherwise. How eager to ask our bookseller when there is news from that writer that has us spellbound!

2. Because they open the door to a new world

We all know how stressful everyday life is, with meetings, children, homework, calls, worries. Abandon for a few moments the race that is our day to day and cross the threshold of a bookstore to enter a world of pause, walk slowly from shelf to shelf and enjoy that feeling that time stands still, savoring everything that imagination puts at our fingertips… it is priceless.

3. Because there is nothing like the smell of a book

There are those who consider themselves authentic hooligans from the traditional book, on paper, bound, to be able to enjoy the touch of the pages at the fingertips as they discover the twists of history that have them trapped.

The new formats (audiobooks, ebooks) are great proposals to save space, take advantage of time, to save paper … there are many elements in their favor. But we know that there are readers whose hearts are made of paper, from the book of a lifetime. And being able to buy new copies in a bookstore, lovingly selecting your next travel companion, is always a delightful moment.

4. Because human beings do not live on books alone (we also want activities!)

For book fans like us, we believe that there is only one thing in the world that is better than sitting down with a tea in our favorite corner to enjoy some reading … And that is to be able to exchange impressions with the author of the book! !

What a wonder it is to be able to attend the presentations and events organized by bookstores, to be able to hear from the author's voice how this or that character originated, what prompted him to write about this topic … and to be able to share the impressions that the reading his work. For the magic that is created in these encounters, we give infinite thanks to our bookstores. 💙

5. Because there is nothing better than getting lost in a bookstore

Anyone in the living room who is capable of walking into a bookstore to buy a book and not coming home with a couple more books that they have fallen in love with? 😅

Well that. You already know what we are talking about. Bookstores have this alluring power over us that we go from English literature to French literature and select a copy or two from each shelf. Because we will never have enough time to read everything we want. And the bookstore is a paradise for inveterate readers like us.

So these days when it is already cool in the street, we have certain restrictions and, in short … more than one element pushes us to enjoy life at home, we We are very clear that we plan to take advantage of the pull to read without remorse, with premeditation and treachery. 😎

And without our beloved booksellers this would not be possible.

So we want to congratulate you on this # Libraries Day and thank you for how happy you make us. That is why we invite you, reader, to come to your trusted bookstore in these peculiar times to look for that new book that has just come out and that you were waiting for. And above all to let your bookseller know how special it is.

And if you want to go with the "shopping list" already made, we leave you the essential readings of this 2020. 📚💙

Happy reading!

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