Eduardo Mendoza returns with a new book under his arm and we can only receive this renowned writer with red carpet and a ravenous hunger to read this new work, second installment of the series started by The king receives.

The novel will arrive at Spanish bookstores on October 28. We tell you 5 things about her and why you will want her on your shelf.

  1. How is it titled?

The negotiated yin and yang

2. What's it about?

The journalist Rufo Batalla intends to leave New York to return to a Spain that, with the imminent death of Franco, breathes changes. However, before his departure, he accepts the offer to travel to Japan that makes him an exiled prince as part of his plan to recover his former kingdom. What he doesn't know is that it will only be the beginning of the thousand and one adventures that await him.

3. Do you have to read first The king receives?

The negotiated yin and yang it is the second installment of the series started by Mendoza in The king receives, but it works perfectly as an independent book.

The king receives, where Rufo Battle travels to New York and lives the great phenomena of the 70s, is the first part of the trilogy ‘The three Laws of the Movement’ that the author started last year. This first part tells the adventures of Rufo in the city that never sleeps. It also explains historical facts of that decade through the experiences of its protagonists and those of Eduardo Mendoza himself.

However, it is not necessary to have read it to be able to enjoy the new adventures of Rufo. Of course, we highly recommend it! 😉

4. Who are the protagonists?

On the one hand we have Rufo Battle, a dissatisfied and very formal journalist in search of an exciting life. At the same time, and sharing prominence with Rufo in the pages of the novel, we meet the prince Tadeusz Maria Clementij Tukuulo. Tukuulo is an exiled monarch with a very clear objective: to recover his throne. For this he will want to count on the help of Rufo, with whom he will develop a close relationship.

A prince with crazy ideas and a journalist thirsty for adventure are the perfect cocktail to create an explosive and ironic book like this.

5. Why would you like to read it?

Because the humorous and formal style of Mendoza is the best asset to revive and feel some of the most important moments of the 20th century … And because critics already predict that this book will be another masterpiece of an author who works with artisanal care and The love of writing.

«A narrative circle of continuous civil involvement, expressed in the symbolically realistic style of the best current literature.»

Jesus Ferrer, The reason.

And a note about the author …

Eduardo Mendoza has such a literary journey behind him that he needs no introduction. Since its inception with The truth about the Savolta case It has been erected as one of the great names of Spanish literature. His novels are already part of his own universe that has captivated thousands of readers and critics, his work being repeatedly recognized with awards such as the Planet Award, the Cervantes or the National Culture Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya among many others.

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