Today, Wednesday, committed to SDG5, the promoters, 50 & 50 Gender Leadership Y CEOE, have presented the first program focused on leadership training for girls aged 16 and 17. This is the I Youth and Leadership Program #ChicasImparables. A program for the entire national territory taught by tutors of ESADE, which has referents and invited leaders from different areas of society. The interested You can now register on the page to qualify for one of the 50 seats. The Community of Madrid and CEOE offer 5 full scholarships each to ensure that all the girls they want, can have the tools to build their leadership.

The CEO of CEOE Antonio Garamendi, has assured that when we talk about SDG, most affect companies and it is companies that have to work in equality and sustainability. "The important thing is to start working for all those #ChicasImparables", he concluded.

Gloria Lomana, President of 50 & 50GL, said that “it is a program that will take us far. The idea is to promote the transformation of society. ” The goal, as he explained, is for girls to “dream big,” to provide them with the self-confidence and security necessary to become 2030 leaders.

For its part, Marieta Jiménez, President and CEO of Merck, stressed that "there are many women prepared, you just have to intend to give them a chance."

Eugenia Bieto, Director General of ESADE, School in charge of academic and training management, has talked about the origins of the collaboration. "We thought we had to gather a group of 16-year-old girls and hear what they wanted to be."

Finally, the Deputy Minister of Education Policy of the Community of Madrid Dew albert, has ensured that from the Government of the Community they want women to reach as high as they want and have the tools to do what they consider.

The I Youth and Leadership Program is a program to encourage girls to dream big and pursue their goals through responsible leadership models. The program is made up of five sessions, each of them focused on different skills that leadership entails, in which the self-confidence and security of each of the 50 girls it hosts will be enhanced so that tomorrow they are integral leaders. The sessions, which will be held on January 25 and the first four Saturdays of February, will take place at ESADE headquarters in Madrid, with the exception of one of them, which will be held at Merck headquarters.

In a transversal way, throughout the different working groups, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be implemented so that they are leaders 2030. In each session, the girls will have the opportunity to listen to leading leaders with methodologies Creative and motivating

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