52,000 counterfeit items seized in the Port of Almería

Collaboration of the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency

This is the largest seizure of counterfeit garments in the port of Almería

In several interrelated inspections, agents have located counterfeit garments mixed with legal merchandise to make detection difficult

The Civil Guard in collaboration with the Tax Agency have intervened 52,000 counterfeit garments of different brands that would have reached a market value of more than 4,500,000 euros in the port of Almería.

In the framework of the fight against industrial property crimes and the "Plan to improve security in the commerce sector", agents of the Civil Guard of the Almería Command and Customs Surveillance officers of the Tax Agency, which comprise The Customs Risk Analysis Unit in Almería, have carried out an extensive investigation for more than three months that has ended with the largest intervention of counterfeit garments in the Port of Almería.
In the development of the investigation, different inspections have been carried out in interrelated operations, locating counterfeit garments of many commercial brands inside containers.
These garments have been located camouflaged among legal merchandise, in order to hinder the inspection work and to introduce the material to the market.
It should be noted that in addition to the damage in the field of industrial property and its economic impact, this practice poses a risk to the final consumer as it lacks quality and safety controls that guarantee both the manufacturing processes and the materials (textile, chemical, complements …) used for its elaboration.
The Almería Civil Guard periodically develops actions aimed at preventing theft, fraud and trade in counterfeit items, including informative and training activities aimed at merchants and consumers on security in the commercial sphere, one of the objectives being Learn to distinguish frauds and know how to deal with them.
Both the proceedings and the material intervened are made available to the Investigating Court of the Almería Deanery.
For more information you can establish contact with the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Almería on the phone 950621956/680411337.


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