We know that these days go slower than usual. It seems that every day has more hours … But precisely for this reason some of us are taking the opportunity to recover those hobbies that we had kept in a drawer due to lack of time.

There are those who have dusted off the camera, there are those who have re-grasped the paint brushes and, of course, we read. We want you to join us and discover some authors and works that will fascinate you!

Do you have paper and pencil at hand? Or the mobile notes app, same. Then write down these names … because we are sure that you will want to run to the bookstore to look for his works as soon as the days of confinement allow us.

one) The power to trust you, Curro Cañete

Your name may not ring a bell, but you have surely heard of his book The power to trust you.

He is one of the figures of the moment, a coach who is helping to change lives. Cañete affirms that "the greatest act of generosity that you can do for yourself and for those around you is to be happy". And that happiness is not a destination, but a path that we must walk step by step.

On this path, it is essential that we trust ourselves, a power that can only be achieved through practice. And these days we have more than a challenge in front of us.

And if you want more, don't miss his previous book A new happiness: He tells us his personal story of liberation and search, how he got rid of his blocks and mental limits. Inspiring, isn't it? 😉

two) The way to get to meJenny Colgan

What of this author and her work can only be described with one word: phenomenon.

It has more than 5 million readers worldwide. She is a writer who has come to stay.

In The way to get to me We meet Flora, a young woman who is absolutely sure that escaping from the quiet Scottish island where she grew up to the noise and bustle of London was the right choice. What would his life have been like if he had stayed in Mure? Everyone knew her there and no one would have allowed her to forget the past. In the city, he can live anonymously, work tirelessly in a major law firm, and hide his love for his boss, Joel. The attractive, distant and impregnable, Joel.

But when a client of the office requires his presence at Mure, Flora will see how the past becomes more present than ever. How will you deal with it? Find out during this confinement.

3) The boy with the coilsPere Cervantes

Someone witnesses a crime they shouldn't have seen and discovers an object that should never have gotten into their hands. This is the fast-paced starting point of The boy with the coils, the new work of Pere Cervantes.

Barcelona, ​​1945. Nil Roig is a boy who spends his day on a bicycle transporting old reels of films from one cinema to another. On the day he turns 13, he will witness a crime committed on the front door of his house. As the murderer flees after having threatened to kill him if he opens his mouth, the dying man delivers to Nil the mysterious badge of a film actor of the time, an object chased and yearned for by a former Gestapo commander and an unscrupulous policeman.

The last thing the dying man will say while handing him the sticker is the name of "David", the boy's missing father … The boy with the coils will be drawn to solve a secret from the past for which he will pay a high price.

4) Supermarket, Bobby Hall

We are only going to tell you three things about this book: Bobby hall. Number 1 in sales in the United States. The worthy successor to 'The Fight Club' has finally arrived.

The name of its author you are going to want to write it down and take it into account, because very good things are predicted about it and we are sure that you will want to read them all, like the thousands of readers in the United States who have received their debut with great enthusiasm literary. What is it about We will tell you.

Flynn is not in a good time. He feels depressed, his girlfriend recently left him and he continues to live with his mother. Working at the supermarket was supposed to help him see things differently. That a normal routine and a fixed salary at the end of the month were going to make him feel better. But the hallways of this super are not what they seem and one day Flynn finds himself in the middle of a crime scene, pistol in hand, and his world collapses. How did you get here?

A dark and fun psychological thriller that delves into creativity and madness. And you say you have nothing to read in this confinement? 😜

5) Night and ocean, Raquel Taranilla

This title is the 2020 Short Library Award and we are sure that it will be a discovery for many readers. In this play Raquel Taranilla It opens the door to the universe of Bea Silva, a woman who one day stumbles upon a newspaper story that leaves her stunned: someone has stolen the embalmed skull of the legendary silent film director F. W. Murnau.

The most amazing? That Bea is sure to know the culprit: a half-idle filmmaker named Quirós who one day came to his huge dilapidated house and made Bea's gaze even more lucid, more hyperactive, more disenchanted and deranged.

About to turn thirty-two, Beatriz is a woman who avoids socializing, a jaded and cultured university professor until the pathological thing. And with something to tell: “If the Berlin police ever knocked on my door, they would gladly hand over a box that he left me and that contains documents that, at least at first glance, are related to the case.”

6) The biology of the present, Sergi Torres and David del Rosario

And we close the list with an invitation to stop surviving and start living. Its authors bring us a guide, as they say, to «learn to activate the presence mode» and experience the pleasure of living ».

Because we are sure that the same thing happens to many of you as it happens to us: sometimes we are assailed by doubts, fears, fear that things will change or that the project at hand does not go as we want.

In The biology of the present towers and rosary beads They explain to us in a pleasant way how we can welcome any situation, however complicated it may be, and come out of it gracefully. How honesty to observe our thoughts and our body holds the keys to enjoy the pleasure of living free. That's what the "biology of the present" is about, welcoming everything that life brings us and getting closer to our true nature as human beings. If you are looking for an enriching reading and that gives you tools to face new challenges, you certainly need to put this book on your radar.

And with these 6 titles and authors, we close our list of essentials that you will be glad to have discovered during this quarantine. But if you still want more, don't worry because we are not short of literary suggestions. 😜


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