A total of 60 CEOs of the main companies of our country have gathered at the Reina Sofía Museum to join the Alliance #CEOPorLaDiversidad promoted by the Adecco Foundation and the CEOE Foundation. This initiative is a pioneer at European level by bringing together for the first time the commitment of the top representatives of companies with the aim of being drivers and accelerating the implementation and development of diversity and inclusion policies.

The presentation of this alliance has taken place in the act of celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Adecco Foundation, which has had the honorary presidency of SSMM the Kings of Spain and the participation Magdalena Valerio, Minister of Employment, Migration and Social Security; Antonio Garamendi, president of CEOE; Joaquin Nieto, director of the International Labor Organization in Spain, and with 60 CEO of companies with activity in Spain.

20 years of diversity and inclusion

The Adecco Foundation has been working with the most vulnerable in our society for 20 years, helping them through training, guidance and labor intermediation. In this way, they have generated more than 259,000 jobs and have worked during this time on diversity and inclusion strategies with more than 493 companies in our country. This contact with the social and business reality has allowed them to acquire their own knowledge, experience and vision regarding the development of diversity and inclusion policies in the business field.

Together with the CEOE Foundation they have designed the #CEOPorLaDiversidad Alliance through which they want to involve the CEOs of the main companies of our country in these strategies and policies to accelerate their development and implementation.

As indicated Francisco Mesonero, CEO of the Adecco Foundation, “the challenge is to raise diversity as the essence of a new leadership paradigm and inclusive business strategy. If we know how to take advantage of it and manage it properly, we will create more competitive businesses in a global framework like the current one ”.

A pioneer alliance at European level

The CEO of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, Y Enrique Sánchez, president of the Adecco Foundation, have been in charge of presenting the Alliance #CEOPorLaDiversidad, transferring the bases of the project. After the presentation, which has concluded with the reading of the commitment assumed by the CEO, the signing and accession has been carried out. In this way, 60 CEO of large companies With activity in Spain they have decided to accompany the Adecco Foundation and the CEOE Foundation in this act to publicly formalize their commitment.

This Alliance has as its mission to unite the CEOs of the main companies in Spain around a common and innovative vision of diversity, equity and inclusion (De & I), acting as drivers and ambassadors to help accelerate the development of strategies that contribute to business excellence, the competitiveness of talent in Spain and the reduction of inequality and exclusion in Spanish society.

Enrique Sánchez He wanted to point out that “companies have a basic role to contribute to the well-being of people, of all people in our society. Dignity is a fundamental value for our Foundation on which any business decision should be articulated ”. Addressing the CEOs present, Enrique Sánchez has acknowledged that “being a leader in a great company like yours is complex, since you have to make decisions that generate an impact on thousands of people in our country. For this reason, valuing diversity and its inclusion will help us make better decisions and make our companies have greater value for society, be more competitive and sustainable. ”

The 60 CEOs that join this Alliance “recognize” diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental values ​​that enrich companies and strengthen their competitiveness. On the other hand, they "commit" to promote diversity strategies in their companies, to involve their Steering Committees and to create a common vision of diversity.

Antonio Garamendi, president of CEOEHe said that “the objective of companies is that we do not have to talk about diversity and inclusion because they are already part of our DNA. For this, the key is to put people at the center of the company. When we talk about ODS, we talk about people, and 70% of these Objectives are the responsibility of companies. ”

Magdalena Valerio, Minister of Employment, Migration and Social Security, stressed that this alliance “reinforces and confirms the role that the management of companies has in the promotion of Diversity and Inclusion strategies from senior management, through research, exchange, development and promotion of strategies and good business practices of diversity, equity and inclusion ”.

For Magdalena Valerio, these strategies are fundamental to “achieve the objectives related to decent work, which dignifies and allows the development of one's own abilities and is carried out respecting labor principles and rights without discrimination of gender or any other kind”.

For its part, Joaquín Nieto, Director of the ILO Office for Spain, he said that “The launch of the #CEOPorLaDiversidad Alliance is another example of the promising results achieved when we merge efforts so that economic growth is sustained, inclusive and sustainable, as proclaimed by the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of United Nations."

The Alliance and the commitment assumed by CEOs It can be seen on this website, portal in which good business practices will be uploaded and the actions that will be implemented as of January 2020.

Signatories of the Alliance #CEOPorLaDiversidad

  • Mr. Marc Gómez, CEO of ABB
  • Mr. Jorge Caro, Secretary General Airbus
  • Mr. Antonio Moreno, President Alstom
  • Mr. Luís Dupuy de Lôme, general manager American Express Global Business Travel
  • Mr. José Luís Manzanares, CEO Ayesa
  • Ms. María José García Beato, General Secretary of Banco Sabadell Secretary
  • Mr. Antonio Ortega, Executive Counselor Bankia
  • Mr. Pedro Guerrero, President of Bankinter
  • Ms. Cristina de Parias Halcón, general director of BBVA
  • Ms. Lourdes López, CEO Becton Dickinson (BD)
  • Mr. Manuel Broseta, President of Broseta Abogados
  • Mr. Pablo Riesco, CEO of Cadagua-Grupo Ferrovial
  • Mr. José Luís García-Palacios Álvarez, CEO Caja Rural del Sur
  • Mr. Francisco Bermúdez, CEO of CapGemini
  • Ms. Mabel Díaz Orta, CEO Cash Lepe
  • Mr. Philippe Bousseau, CEO Cepsa
  • Mr. Juan Manuel González Serna. President Cerealto-Grupo Siro
  • Mr. Javier Puga, CEO Dinosol Supermarkets
  • Mr. Thomas Stadelmann, CEO Dr Schneider Unternehmensgruppe
  • Mr. José Bogas, Endesa CEO
  • Mr. Víctor Del Pozo, CEO El Corte Inglés
  • Mr. José Antonio López, President and CEO Ericsson
  • Mr. Staffan Schüberg, CEO Esteve – Mr. José Miguel García Fernández, CEO Euskaltel
  • Mr. Federico Linares, president of EY
  • Mr. Ignacio Clopés, general director for Spain and Latin America Ferrovial Agroman
  • Mr. Juan Miguel Floristán, CEO Florette
  • Mr. Santiago Villa, CEO Generali
  • Mr. Dionisio García Comín, CEO of Global Omnium
  • Ms. Mónica Martínez, President of GMV
  • Mr. Iker Barricat, CEO of Grupo Adecco
  • Mr. Carlos Abad Rico, CEO Haya Real Estate
  • Mr. Carlos Nuñez Murias, CEO Henneo
  • Ms. Helena Herrero, president and CEO HP Print.
  • Mr. Víctor M. Iglesias Ruiz, CEO Ibercaja
  • Ms. Ángeles Santamaría, CEO Iberdrola Spain
  • Mrs. Petra Axdorff, CEO Spain IKEA
  • Mr. Jaime Revilla, President IVECO
  • Mr. Javier Aguirre, President / CEO Kapsch TraficCom
  • Mr. Diego Perdones, Maersk CEO
  • Mr. Eduardo Petrossi, CEO Mahou San Miguel
  • Mr. Antonio José Gómez López, general manager Mave Trigo Group.
  • Mr. Francisco Reynés Massanet. President and CEO of Naturgy
  • Ms. Susana de Sarria, President Navantia
  • Mr. Ignacio Cano, Director General OHL
  • Mr. Pedro Viñals Sastron, President and CEO of PRA Health Sciences Spain
  • Mr. José María Oriol, CEO of Talgo Patents
  • D. Narcís Roura, CEO PepsiCo
  • Mr. Juan Sanabria, CEO of Philips
  • Mr. Maria Luisa de Contes, director and general secretary of the Renault Group
  • Mr. Ramón Alejandro Balet, President of Saica
  • Mr. José Manuel Nieto, CEO of Schindler
  • Mr. Jørn Anthonisen, CEO of Alarm Sector
  • Mr. Andrés Romero Peña, general director of Seguros Santa Lucía.
  • Mr. Ignacio Sevillano CEO Smurfit Kappa
  • Mr. Luis de Carlos Bertrán, President Uría Menéndez
  • Mr. Javier Virto, President Virto
  • Mr. Paulo Pinto, General Director of Spain and Portugal Verallia
  • Mr. Martín Javier Aranda, CEO Worldline Iberia
  • Mr. José Luis Acea Rodríguez, CEO of Banca March

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