The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function offers data on working modalities during the state of alarm in the General State Administration (AGE), after compiling information from the different departments. According to these data, the female and male employees of the group of all the ministries that currently work in non-contact modalities are 108,797 (62.49%), provide in-person service 47,865 and in isolation there are 6,165 (3.54%) . In other work situations are the rest of the staff (6.5%).

Essential services personnel work in person at the AGE during this period, the rest do so through non-contact work formulas, which include teleworking, remote work, telephone, etc.

Public employees comply in this way with the provisions of the resolutions of the Secretary of State for Territorial Policy and Public Function, on March 10 and 12, prior to the declaration by the Government of the state of alarm on March 14 .

Since March 10, in addition, a total of 26,531 telematic meetings have been held in the General State Administration. Likewise, 1,535 non-contact courses have been held and another 1,106 courses have had to be postponed due to the health crisis.

Public employment data during the state of alarmMinistry of Territorial Policy and Public Function

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