Our calendar already announces it. The revelry on the street confirms it: we are in the month of July and the children already have vacations. A well-deserved rest period but that does not always coincide with that of the parents … and more in a context as particular as the one we are experiencing in recent months.

So if during the confinement you have already offered the children of the house all the options available and for entertainment, if you have already made your own puppet theater at home, if you no longer have a free space at home to add no more plasticine doll …

We bring you a selection of books that will have the kids super entertaining without forgetting the training part. Because we all know how complicated it is to find enjoyable pedagogical alternatives so that children do not fight boredom at the stroke of a knife. And because it is very important that they do not forget what they learned during the course, even if it is learning in more playful ways.

That is why we bring you a selection of 7 books so that your children do not get bored this summer while they develop their creativity, curiosity and manual skills. Do we take paper and pencil? 😉

1) Destroy this newspaper. Now in full color

5 books so that the children don't get bored this summerThe first is already a classic among books for the little ones: Tear this journal apart. Now in full color, a new series publication Shred this diary which has been so successful.

A book prepared to have no limits. Through challenges, activities will be proposed for them to use the painting freely, tear pages or glue colored papers without stopping.

An incredible incentive for children to feel comfortable with their creativity. Here, when you paint, you can get out of line. And the veterans of the collection do not have to suffer, because there are completely new activities proposals to the previous ones. For newcomers, this is a magnificent gateway to the world of Keri Smith, to get carried away … and, why not, also destroy!

Recommended for all ages.

2) Tito Bear. Pirate adventure

The Tito Bear is not going to be a second still this summer, surely just like your children.

The cute and funny character created by Benji Davies Return to the fray with a new adventure that this time will take you to explore the seas and live many anecdotes along the way.

What kind of adventures? Well, your children will have to pull tabs and unfold all the animations to discover it! Did we get on the pirate ship of the Tito Bear? 🙃

Recommended from 1 year.

3) Escape book. Trapped … inside my house!

In third place on this list we bring you the most morrocotudo mystery that only the most superratónico readers will be able to solve. 😎

Indeed, our Geronimo Stilton He's in trouble again and will need a little help to get out of it. What's wrong with him? He tells us himself:

How is it possible?! Chillííí! In my absence, Professor Voltio has installed a special security system and I am now locked inside my own home. Do you want to help me out? We have a map and many tracks … It will be an adventure that will make your whiskers vibrate!

Recommended from 7 years.

4) The adventures of Dani and Evan. The secret of the dinosaurs

This list could not miss the first book from the dinosaur channel that triumphs on YouTube! The Adventures of Dani and Evan.

Our protagonists will spend a weekend in an excavation with Professor Bizcoché. Can there be something more exciting? You are right! Dani and Evan will discover the dinosaur sanctuary, a place full of incredible creatures, magnificent and… dangerous!

Will Dani, Evan and Professor Bizcoché be able to return? A Jurassic adventure that will not let your children detach from the book for a second!

From 5 years.

5) Anna Kadabra. The Full Moon Club

Pedro Mañas It brings us a very interesting approach: what if witches were the good guys in the story?

Anna Kadabra and her magical Full Moon Club are here to teach our children that there is a different way of seeing things!

Anna is furious that she has to leave her old house, her school, and her city. He moves with his parents to Moonville, an old-fashioned town in the middle of the woods. To top it all off, the place is full of legends and secrets. Who, for example, is that mysterious cat that follows her everywhere? Could it be a witch's cat? One moment … what if the witch was her ?!

From 7 years old.

6) 101 hobbies for little travelers

• 101 Hobbies for Small TravelersAnd we come to the sixth proposal from the hand of Moira Butterfield.

101 hobbies for little travelers It is a manual for the little ones to better support the trips, although the trips are shorter in this special summer. Because, if we are parents, we already know that it does not take more than five minutes with the kids on board for the situation to get out of control. 😅

The pages of this book offer us many activities that will make any trip more fun and enjoyable: creating a secret code, playing bingo, designing clothes, learning magic tricks … How many can you complete before reaching your destination?

From 7 years old.

7) 100 Montessori activities

5 books to keep kids from getting bored this summer_MontessoriFinally, a book that includes proposals from one of the so-called ‘alternative pedagogies’. 100 Montessori activities, a publication that tries to awaken children's curiosity, creativity and ingenuity through their relationship with the environment.

This is an opportunity for them to learn to take care of themselves and everything around them. And if you are scared of new pedagogical methods that may seem a bit 'radical' but still want to explore other options, it is the perfect book to introduce yourself little by little.

For parents with children of any age.

With these 7 suggestions you will see that it is very possible to keep your children active and learning new skills without giving up the fun of the summer. And if you have been wanting more, Our selection of holiday notebooks awaits you!

# ReadYourSummer 🙃📚🍦

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