A book to cancel each variable of the saddest day of the year

The human being is a curious specimen. After an eternity in constant search for the formula of happiness we still have no indication of what its essence may be. However, if we consider the words of Cliff Arnall, a psychologist at Cardiff University, yes we can know what is the saddest day of the year. His famous equation, which resonates strongly every third Monday in January, was created more than a decade ago, and would come to say something like this:

There seems to be consensus on the part of the community that Arnall's formula has no scientific basis, and it was later discovered that the original idea was part of a travel agency's attempts to promote its offers, but it is difficult for a proposal So curious and with such a resounding name, don't get embedded somewhere in the subconscious, right? Well, and on what variables was Arnall based to launch such a statement? Below we list them all, however, as we do not like to limit ourselves to being simple transmitters and we also want to see you happy and smiling, we accompany each of them with a book capable of canceling it, and we manufacture this way our own formula to crush Blue Monday.


Christmas is over. It is one of the most direct variables in the equation, and the fact that the following holiday is located in light years makes it perhaps the heaviest. Because who doesn't like to think "oh, when I go on vacation."

To fill that existential void until the next holiday period we suggest you read ‘The good thing about having a bad day' from Anabel Gonzalez

To present it, we will cite a saying that surely sounds like: “in bad weather, good face.” Well, Dr. Gonzalez proposes the opposite, it is recommended that we be honest with what we feel, that we do not repress anything. ‘The good thing about having a bad day’ it is A small guide to emotional survival that will help us better manage our emotions and learn to live with the bad times. Including the eternal wait until the next vacation.


The cold and harsh winter. The icy temperatures coupled with the anticipated darkness of this era, in fact, can depress anyone. To combat that cold that freezes our bones and even paralyzes our soul… we bring you a warm reading of the hand of Elsa Punset: ‘Happy’.

Its author brings us closer to happiness through a great journey to the lost civilizations of the world. What did the ancient Greeks or Romans do to feel better? This book also brings us the inheritance of love that the great poets, artists, scientists and other wise men of our day have left us. With this book you will get the tools to reach happiness through the wisdom that our ancestors have left us. Such a reading, close to the fire and with a hot drink, does it comfort the soul, doesn't it?


January's salary barely compensates the debts incurred. So is. Another of the variables that Arnall uses in his formula is the one that refers to Christmas waste. Specifically to the comparison of waste with the salary received in the month of January. Something that leaves most of the citizens with a little sad face and the portfolio even more distressed.

If you are one of those who are suffering fully from the January slope, do not miss ‘Atlas of happiness’ from Helen Russell

Why are you interested?

Well, it may sound somewhat banal, although it is not at all: money does not give happiness. Happiness cannot be quantified in expenses and income. And although it’s good that we control spending in January to recover our economy, Russell It shows us that happiness is not in the material.

Through a trip around the world, this book presents the thirty-three universal concepts of happiness. Or put another way, it gives us all the secrets of the world to be happy. Ready to put them into practice?


New Year's resolutions begin to deflate. We begin the year full of goodwill and with the desire to fulfill the purposes that he denied us the previous year, but we might aim very high, that we choose the wrong objective or simply that our new purpose requires more time to become a habit. .

Either way, ‘Zen and the art of happiness’ He comes to help us with all this.

Chris Prentiss affirms that "we are the authors of each moment". And that means we can do everything we set out to do, be it January, March or November. But especially what this book proposes to us is a remedy to escape the anxiety, the burden or the frustration that causes us to have faltered again in our New Year's resolutions. As he explains in his book, "Zen is to do anything with a special mental concentration, a calm and a simplicity of mind that brings us the experience of enlightenment and, through this experience, gives us happiness."

For the first time this classic of spirituality and self-help arrives in Spain to help us think differently and be happy. Do you sign up for the challenge? 😉


Our motivation is low. The trajín of the parties, the return to the routine, the famous slope of January… It would be necessary to be of iron to not be affected by the long list of external factors that hit us in the face of return to reality. It is not serious to have small intervals of sadness or melancholy, it is not even a bad thing as long as we do not let it dominate us. There lies the key.

But even if it is something normal and we should not deny … there is something we can do about it to feel better,

Luis Castellanos he is the greatest expert in positive language of our country and in his book ‘The language of happiness’ It reveals the secret to be happy. How? Changing our story to change our life. Because our perception of things is much more important than we think.

The book is divided into 5 chapters that respond to a plan to change our language in 3 steps: take control of our attention, take control of our time and take control of our stories. In short, it invites us to learn to be craftsmen of our own happiness.

And with these 5 books and 5 antidotes, all the factors that make Blue monday a sad Monday … they would be blocked. But there are still a couple more tips that we want to leave targeted and that will help us to move from the negative to the positive, to build something to leave the discomfort and sadness behind.


Need to do something about it. It is good to observe and analyze … but it is also necessary to take action. Fight. Put ourselves in fighting mode to pursue what we want. That is exactly what the doctor collects Marián Rojas in his book ‘How to make good things happen to you’.

Because "good things need a plan," he says. In his book he teaches us to understand our brain, manage emotions and improve our lives. How? Through actions such as setting goals and objectives in life, exercising will, starting emotional intelligence, developing assertiveness, avoiding excess self-criticism and self-demand or claiming the role of optimism


Challenge yourself! It is almost the consequence of point 6. If with Marián Rojas we work on intelligence and the general approach… now is the time to move on to concrete actions, to make a list of challenges and to go for them.

But calm down, we have a travel companion that will help you reach your destination: ‘The 88 Steps of Happy People’ from Anxo Pérez.

This book is a best-seller and it is for something. Because it contains the formula to eliminate any type of suffering or bitterness from your life, explained by 88 steps (or steps) that represent the secret to a happy life. As the author says, "No one who knows what it means to live in the light would choose to continue in the shadow for a second." Well, in this book Anxo Pérez is lighting you one by one the 88 lights that will help you reach a much fuller and brighter life. It is in your hand.

And with this recommendation we reach the end of our article to survive Blue Monday and make a reset mental to live a much fuller 2020. And if the body still asks you for more reading, don't miss our Selection of books to be happier.

Happy Monday, readers!

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