We have a proposal for you, reader. It has many points in favor: it will keep you entertained, it does not require you to leave the house and you sweat the fat with the mask, it will allow you to exercise your mind, it will make you tremble … and in short it will take you to the amusement park of emotions. More specifically to Tunnel of Terror. 馃槑

Get ready to discover the books you don't want to take off this summer. They'll make a chill run down your spine and you haven't even turned on the air conditioning. We bring you the 7 black novels that you will want to give yourself this summer.

1. Women who do not forgive

We bring you a perfect plot of one of the world fiction masters. The blackest and most addictive novel of Camilla L盲ckberg. A global phenomenon with more than 26 million copies sold in more than 60 countries.

In Women who do not forgive the author surprises us with the story of Ingrid, Victoria and Birgitta.

They are three very different women. For the rest of the world, they lead apparently perfect lives, but the three have one thing in common: they secretly suffer the tragedy of living under their husbands. Until one day, pushed to the limit and without even knowing each other, they will plan a crime. Will it be the perfect crime?

two. Corcira's evil

To what extent do we become what we fight against? The tenth case of Bevilacqua and Chamorro leads them to solve a crime that transports the second lieutenant to his past in the fight against terrorism in the Basque Country.

It all starts when a middle-aged man appears naked and brutally murdered on a lonely beach in Formentera. According to several testimonies collected by the Civil Guard of the islands, in the previous days he had been seen in the company of different young people in gay venues in Ibiza.

When his bosses call Bevilacqua to take care of the investigation and inform him of the peculiarity of the dead man, a Basque citizen convicted at the time of collaboration with ETA, the second lieutenant will understand that this is no longer a case. Are you going to miss the new book of Lorenzo Silva?

3. The sixth trap

This book comes with its own name: J. D. Barker. An author who has fallen in love with millions of readers around the world with a fascinating story that is now closed.

The sixth trap is the latest installment in the trilogy The Fourth Monkey, a masterful ending to a brilliant and addictive trilogy.

The book starts right where the previous installment ends: Sam Porter, until now the detective in charge of the case, has been removed from him and is increasingly suspicious, the largest hospital in the city is closed for quarantine due to the risk of contagion from the virus SARS and among the sick are the police officers Clair and Klozowski, as well as Upchurch, the accomplice of the Fourth Monkey, who is torn between life and death. Its survival is decisive for the Fourth Monkey to decide not to release the virus to the rest of the country. Are you going to stay without knowing the end? 馃槒

Four. The psychologist

This best seller written by Helene Flood It is going to make you jump out of the armchair, no matter how relaxed you are these days … It is the new international phenomenon and we assure you that you have not read anything like it.

One morning, after leaving a message on the answering machine, Sara's husband disappears without a trace. She believed that Sigurd had been with friends, but they do not know where he is either. For Sara, Sigurd lies; For the police, Sara's experience as a psychologist makes her a suspect. But when detectives discover that Sara's life is being watched by hidden cameras and microphones, they realize that neither the truth is so obvious, nor the mind so powerful. Your memories change. The truth, no.

5. The time for hypocrites

For Commissioner Jaritos, the highly anticipated birth of his grandson entails a significant change in his private life. However, the joy of this precious moment is overshadowed by the call announcing the murder of a famous businessman, a powerful hotelier, well known for his charitable contributions.

A new terrorist group? A personal revenge? As soon as the investigation begins, a manifesto appears claiming the death of the magnate, without explaining, however, the reasons. That is something that the police, which the authors of the manifesto call a henchman, must find out. It is only stated that the hotelier deserved death. You will not be the only victim of this strange group. All of them irreproachable, apparently. Until Jaritos starts digging …

If you don't know yet Petros Markaris, find out in The hour of the hypocrites, a solid detective novel that will not allow you to stop reading.

6. The Silence of the White City Trilogy

Eva Garc铆a S谩enz from Urturi signs one of the most successful crime novel series in recent times. The myths and legends of 脕lava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology form the core of this trilogy formed by the volumes The silence of the white city (2016), The rites of water (2017) and The lords of time (2018).

It all starts with Tasio Ortiz de Z谩rate, a brilliant archaeologist convicted of the bizarre murders that terrorized the quiet city of Vitoria two decades ago. Tasio is about to be released from prison on his first leave when the crimes resume again: in the emblematic Old Cathedral of Vitoria, a twenty-year-old couple appears naked and killed by bee stings in the throat. Soon after, another twenty-five-year-old couple is murdered in the Casa del Cord贸n, a well-known medieval building.

The young inspector Unai L贸pez de Ayala 鈥攁lias Kraken鈥, an expert in criminal profiles, is obsessed with preventing crimes before they happen鈥 although a still fresh personal tragedy will not allow him to face this case as 鈥渙ne more鈥. Who will be the next victim? Will Kraken succeed in advancing in the footsteps of the criminal? In addition, you will not need to take off the head of the book this summer because the trilogy comes in a pocket edition. Has anyone said pool and read? 馃槞

7. Baztan Trilogy (graphic novel)

And we couldn't close this post about crime novels without mentioning Dolores Redondo and its phenomenon around the Baztan Valley, "the composer" and our beloved detective Amaia Salazar.

If you are a fan of illustrated books, you cannot miss this edition, because Ernest Sala brings us this beautiful comprehensive edition of the three volumes, in black and white, which adapts the Dolores Redondo trilogy to the comic.

The shoes show the way. There are dead girls in Elizondo. Someone is killing them to send a message. Amaia Salazar will investigate these deaths, even if it involves unearthing ghosts from the past, removing the foundations of her family and establishing contact with forces that are beyond our understanding … Do you see with us the enlightened universe of Baztan?

And if the criminal puzzles take you on your head and you need even more dose of crime novel … don't miss our selection for this summer. We give you a clue: among these books are many criminals who are going to pose a real challenge to you. Do you already know what novel you are going to give yourself this summer and which killer you are going to try to hunt?

# ReadYourSummer 馃崏馃摎馃崷

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