We know that these days you are full. That you counter the sedentary hours of teleworking with the cooking recipes you are following on Instagram and with the yoga fit classes that your brother told you they did on YouTube. And you feel great. You may even be more busy than ever, starting a course or workshop that you never found the time to do.

But let's stop for a moment. Not everything is technology and social networks. Not everything is going at a thousand revolutions per hour. If this exceptional period is teaching us anything, it is vital to recover the important things that we took for granted. And there is nothing more important than YOU: that you take care of yourself, that you pamper yourself, that you take time for yourself and thus be able to enjoy more of the time that you share with others — which, in these days of confinement, is a lot. 😅

So this post. In the We propose 7 novels so that you sit next to a cup of your favorite drink, while the air of spring rocks your curtain … and that you disconnect from everything other than the plot and the characters. You fancy?

one. Frankenstein's mother

The new novel by Almudena Grandes It contains the exciting story of a woman and a man who chose to resist in the most difficult times.

In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez returns to Spain to work in the Ciempozuelos women's asylum, south of Madrid. After going into exile in 1939, he has lived fifteen years in Switzerland. Back in Ciempozuelos, he meets again with Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a paranoid parricide, very intelligent, who fascinated him at thirteen years old … and he meets the nursing assistant María Castejón, a woman he will be attracted to but who rejects him, and from the one that intuits many secrets.

Do not miss the most intense and emotional novel of the Episodes of an Endless War cycle. Disconnection is assured.

two. And Julia challenged the gods

We continue our list of essentials with Santiago Posteguillo. The winner of the Planeta Prize brings us the biography of a fascinating woman who closes with this volume. If the first installment of this saga was in 192 AD, when several men fought for the empire, but Julia Domna had something more ambitious in mind: founding a dynasty.

In this second part we will discover a Julia with new challenges. Staying high is much more difficult than reaching. Julia is at the height of her power, but betrayal and family division threaten to spoil everything. To make matters worse, the doctor Galen diagnosed him what the Romans called Cancer. Meanwhile her children star in a brutal confrontation.

In the midst of physical and moral pain, the august will cling to a love story stronger than death, to a passion capable of overcoming impossible tests. Nothing is lost and the game for control of the empire continues to bring us to the end of this wonderful saga.

3. Open heart

We bring you the rise and fall of great passion, the fierce love of two people who seemed to conspire against a serene life. And who wants a serene life these days? 😜

Based on an episode that occurred in Madrid in 1939, Elvira Lindo He tells us about the passionate and stormy relationship of his parents, and how his excessive personality and her weak heart marked the pulse of the life of the whole family.

Open Heart is a novel that travels our country through a century of great changes and contains a tribute to a generation, that of those who remained in Spain in the immediate postwar period, those who, without complaint or regret, concentrated on surviving . Freedom, lucidity and wisdom are concentrated in this book that reflects the lights and shadows of our past.

4. The heir

We continue with this journey to disconnection with the novel by Rafael Tarradas Bultó.

Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián, Madrid, Gijón or Teruel are the settings for a fascinating story of love, courage, loyalty and betrayal, based on real events, which reveals how in a world where the struggle for survival brings out the worst in being human … love is a powerful force capable of making us overcome the greatest adversities. A precious message for these difficult times. Also, when you have reached the end of The heir, the Sagniers and the Marquis will already be part of your family. Do you want to meet them?

5. Joy

Manuel Vilas He gives us a novel written from the heart of memory. A hopeful search for joy. You want to know more?

We present to you a man who carries as many years of the past as illusions of the future. Through his memories, our protagonist will illuminate his story, that of his generation and that of a country. A story that sometimes hurts, but always accompanies.

The overwhelming success of his latest novel embarks the protagonist on a tour around the world. A trip with two faces, the public one, in which the character approaches his readers, and the intimate one, in which he takes advantage of each space of solitude to search for his truth. A truth that comes to light after the death of his parents, his divorce and his life with a new woman, a life in which his children become the cornerstone on which the urgent need to find happiness pivots. Do you accompany him on his journey?

6. The map of affections

Behind a beautiful cover hides an even more beautiful story. From the hand of Ana Merino, Nadal 2020 Prize with this work, The map of affections chase the trail of the people who build the hidden stories of the places; places where absences are evoked, strange events, where inexplicable crimes occur, where one coexists with personal and family tensions.

Only the drive for good will sediment the sediment necessary to continue living and trace this map of affection that the author so beautifully presents to us.

A delicious novel to let yourself go and not think about anything other than the plot … and what will bring the characters.

7. I am a mom

And the romantic novel could not miss in this selection of essentials that will make you lose track of time and, almost, of space.

What happens when you discover that you have lived a lie and decide to end your "happily ever after"?

The trilogy of Megan Maxwell makes us put ourselves in the shoes of Estefanía, a happily married mother of three with a perfect and harmoniously established routine: “My day to day was always the same. I got up, took care of my little ones, took them to school, had breakfast with my friends, did the shopping, took my dog ​​out and went to work. Everything was perfect and I felt like a happy woman. But, after twenty years of marriage, everything changed when I found out that this husband whom he revered so much, and for whom he had always put his hand in the fire, was cheating on me with another one ”.

At this point everything will jump through the air and Estefanía will have to learn to meet again, learn again to enjoy freedom and all the new adventures that her new situation brings her. Have we told you about Diego, his more than attractive neighbor? Well, you will discover more of him the pages of this saga. 😙

And if this selection falls short and you don't know how to avoid having to do that yoga fit class by Skype with your colleagues at work … don't worry, We have more readings to keep you offline this spring!

Happy reading and #KeepReadingEnCasa! 🏡📖

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