The rate of sexual crimes clarified by the Security Forces and Corps reaches 81.1%

In addition, 10,023 sanction proposals have been raised for infractions of the confinement rules adopted to stop the pandemic.

Following is the transcript of the intervention this Tuesday by the police spokesmen at the press conference after the daily meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19.

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González

"The National Police continues to protect the airspace of our cities against the irresponsible use of drones. In recent years, and aware of its rise, we have increased specialized units dedicated to its detection and neutralization, always in those cases in which are misused.

This type of aircraft can become a real danger to airspace, which is why we currently have three different neutralization systems: portable, mobile or fixed. Since the activation of the State of Alarm, we have located, identified and proposed for sanction four people, three in Madrid and one in Ciudad Real, for the use of these aircraft in violation of current Air Safety regulations.

The National Police reminds citizens that the use of these aircraft is subject to limitations and restrictions and, in this sense, all damage that the drone may cause will be the responsibility of the pilot.

Number of detainees and records

In the last 24 hours, the number of people detained has been 53 that, added to the 823 detainees since the Royal Decree, they make a total of 876. That supposes an increase of 6%.

Regarding sanctions, in the last 24 hours 3,938 minutes have been processed, which means a total of 70,928 since the beginning of the State of Alarm.

Both the number of detainees and the number of sanction proposals have been significantly reduced, which leads us to affirm that citizens are aware that to overcome this virus, you have to stay home.


Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours 200 refusals of entry have been made, and 5,906 vehicles have been controlled.

As for air and sea borders, this Monday there have been three refusals to enter Barcelona Airport.

Viral fraud and hoax attempt

As a result of the confinement required by the Alarm State, citizens are using the Internet more than usual, especially to make purchases. Therefore, I would like you to have special attention with a type of fraud detected by specialists from the National Police. It is a massive mailing that supplants an American logistics multinational dedicated to electronic commerce.

The email received indicates that your personal account has been blocked for security reasons by having detected illegitimate accesses, and the user must enter their access data in order to recover it. Once we take this step, cyber criminals will have in their possession our access credentials and, in addition, they will be able to use the bank card linked to our account.

As for hoaxes, today I want to draw attention to those that have been detected in the last 24 hours.

The first would be a blog "love of life", in which products that cure COVID19 are announced. In this blog an article with the title is published: "Coronavirus can be cured in 24 hours". It is detailed that said cure is obtained thanks to the action of chlorine dioxide, without contraindications and, above all, that it cures the coronavirus in just 24 hours; The publication points to pharmaceutical companies as responsible for its non-use, since they are not interested in curing patients so that they continue to be their clients.

A video is circulating on WhatsApp where a carrier shows a warehouse with boxes and ensures that there are medical supplies in them, that they will be transported to France because Spain does not pay. It is a hoax and what is shown in the video are boxes of folios

I would like you to be especially careful with the different phishing modalities, since a great virality has been detected and a massive sending of malicious emails and with the hoaxes that are continuously being published on the networks.

Finally, this Monday three men were arrested, one in Badajoz and two in Alcantarilla, for an attack. The first had an open textile store and was selling face masks, about 931 were intervened, while the other two were detained when several young people were on the street and when asked to return to their homes for breaching the confinement, they faced the agents , having to request support from more police, given the large group that was on the street. One of the detainees attempted to attack one of the officers with a knife, and several police officers were treated at the hospital for the injuries sustained.

20,000 men and women of the National Police fight coronavirus every day

Every day, 20,000 men and women of the National Police fight against the coronavirus from the different police units and specialties. It is true that the true front and vanguard of this fight, the one formed by the health workers who are literally leaving their health to end the coronavirus, is essential… And we will never tire of showing our sincere thanks.

But, to enforce the new measures and reduce the enormous pressure to which the health system is subjected, all national police officers will continue to fulfill the mission entrusted to them with the dedication and professionalism that they always demonstrate:

  • Radio patrols at street level, day and night, with the support of the Cavalry units or the Air Media Service from the air, also on the front line to enforce the new measures adopted.
  • And, of course, the specialists in Scientific Police, who have made their facilities and knowledge available to the health authorities to analyze the COVID-19 tests.
  • Cyber ​​agents who patrol incessantly online to detect the many attempts by criminals to unlawfully take advantage of the complex situation we are going through.
  • Agents who continue to ensure the safety of victims of gender violence, victims of trafficking …

I have not named everyone because it would be impossible, but I want to express my personal appreciation and pride to all of them for their effort and work to achieve the primary objective of our main mission now, which is none other than protecting the health of all. "

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"The actions carried out by the Civil Guard on Monday, in which 21,000 guards patrolled the towns and cities of Spain, made it possible to identify 116,043 people and intercept 2,610 vehicles. As a result, 6,085 complaints were filed, 5.24 per percent of the total of the people identified, and 23 people were also arrested for the crimes of disobedience and resistance.

As an example, three occupants of a vehicle were arrested who attempted to evade a verification control in Villafranca del Penedés (Barcelona), verifying that the driver lacked a driving license and that the vehicle had also been stolen.

I also want to highlight that, due to the restrictive mobility measures imposed, the Civil Guard has reinforced the controls, establishing, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic and Highways of the State, more than one hundred fixed control points.

In the area of ​​coast and border custody, over the last ten days the Civil Guard has dedicated 2,900 troops to guard the almost two thousand kilometers of land borders that Spain has, carrying out the control of 419 vehicles and the identification of 548 people.

In addition, the Civil Guard continues to work in other areas related to security and fiscal protection in the 29 airports with an international connection, in the almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline that our country has, in the 46 ports of general interest or in our territorial sea. .

The Civil Guard has one of its priorities in the fight against organized crime in general, and against all kinds of illicit traffic in particular. As an example, this Monday a multi-phase operation carried out by the specialized investigative units of the Alicante Headquarters proceeded to seize 22 tons of contraband tobacco valued at almost three million euros.

On March 28 and 29, in coordination with the National Police Force and Customs, the Civil Guard intercepted a cache of more than three tons of cocaine in the Arosa estuary, on two gliders. The continued effort of the Civil Guard has led to the arrest of seven drug traffickers, including the leader of the network.

Regarding the devices intended to guarantee the operation of essential services, this Monday the Civil Guard employed 3,690 troops. To name a few:

  • Agents from the Balearic Islands accompanied six convoys with a total of twelve tons of medical equipment from the Palma de Mallorca airport to the Hospital de Son Espases.
  • The disinfection of dependencies of the Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza.

As regards the assistance of the most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, the Civil Guard carried out 1,238 interviews, meetings or direct contacts with those responsible for the sector. As an example:

Collaboration of the Civil Guard of Córdoba in the transfer of eight homeless people who were temporarily in a hospitality establishment. The agents provided them with food, which they bought with their own money, and the masks and protective gloves that these people needed.

Collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit in disinfection tasks carried out in two nursing homes in the province of Granada, in three nursing homes in the province of Segovia, or at the Vitoria airport.

Regarding the protection of victims of gender violence, we continue to maintain our efforts dedicated to strengthening their security. This Monday, 1,529 protection activities were carried out, of which I want to highlight 819 telephone checks and 624 counter-surveillance.

Within the framework of these services, an individual was arrested in the province of Jaén for alleged ill-treatment, consisting of insults and harassment of his former partner. The victim had previously denounced her aggressor, although there was no restraining order in force. I would like to remember that the application exists ALERTCORPS, through which any victim of gender violence can contact the Security Forces and Corps.

I would also like to dedicate a few words to all the relatives, all the people who are hospitalized suffering from this disease, and those who cannot accompany them. We send our encouragement and our strength in the assurance that sooner rather than later you will have your loved ones back.

Rapid detection tests for coronaviruses are already being carried out on our civil guards. In these moments so hard that we have had to live, I am convinced that everyone's effort from the position that each one has had, some isolating themselves at home to stop the virus and others playing an active role in ending this pandemic We will all pass this test, because people are made to face and overcome adversity. One day less".

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