This fall we are living a little more aware of the news than usual, of the new measures that are taken to combat the pandemic and how it affects us as citizens. But. There is something indisputable. Either because it is cold or because the health situation recommends it, this fall we are going to spend time in a house. So … put to spend time under cover, we are very clear that we will take advantage of it to read and read and read even a little more. 💙📖

If you follow us, in this post we discover you 8 novels that will make you disconnect from everything this fall. 🍂

one. The forest of the four winds

In the Galicia of 1830, a woman faces the conventions of her time. The forest of the four winds is the most ambitious novel of Maria Oruña, a fully established author.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Dr. Vallejo traveled from Valladolid to Galicia together with his daughter Marina to serve as a doctor in a powerful monastery in Ourense. There they will discover some very particular customs and they will experience the fall of the Church. Marina, interested in medicine and botany but without permission to study, will fight against the conventions that her time imposes on knowledge and love and will be immersed in an adventure that will keep a secret of more than a thousand years.

In our day, Jon Bécquer, an unusual anthropologist who works locating lost historical pieces, investigates a legend. As soon as he began his investigations, in the garden of the old monastery the corpse of a man dressed in a Benedictine habit of the nineteenth appeared. This fact will make Bécquer go deep into the forests of Galicia looking for answers and descending the surprising steps of time.

2. The green haze

He Fernando Lara Novel Prize 2020 is this wonder signed by Gonzalo giner: a story of love and fight for a better world. A great adventure in the heart of Africa.

The author of The horse healer with an exciting novel that will steal your soul.

Bineka, born deep in one of the last green lungs on the planet, is captured by Maxime and his men, who have razed her village. But, after suffering an accident, the jungle mother protects her and is adopted by a clan of chimpanzees, with whom she will live for several months. At the same time, Lola Freixido, a successful manager, travels to Congo to rescue her best friend, Beatriz Arriondas, an environmental aid worker who has been kidnapped.

Bineka and Lola will face a complex plot of corruption and will be led to an adventure full of adventures that will run in the company of Colin Blackhill, a British aid worker who crosses their path and who will help the young Congolese to fight for conservation of your world.

A dizzying thriller. A moving green plea. A hymn to conservationism and a great love story in the legendary African jungle.

3. The murder of Plato

After the success of The murder of Socrates came back Marcos Chicot. And we couldn't be more excited to read his new novel!

We give you some clues: tension, intrigue, betrayals and a love that defies its time. You want to know more? ⬇️

Altea, daughter of Perseus and one of Plato's most brilliant disciples, does not know that her life and that of the baby she is expecting are in danger, nor that she has the enemy in her own home. For his part, his friend and teacher Plato risks his life to try to make his great project come true: to unite politics and philosophy, so that reason, justice and wisdom rule, instead of the empty rhetoric of the demagogues, corruption and ignorance.

As a backdrop, the rise of a new power and a general with an invincible aura put the survival of Sparta and of Athens itself at stake. An impeccable tapestry of classical Greece and the thought of the greatest philosopher of antiquity await you this fall.

4. Fireproof

Our next essential is Javier Moro and brings us a fascinating story: the American adventure of Rafael Guastavino, the Spanish architect from New York.

New York 1881: in one of the most popular neighborhoods, little Rafaelito and his father, Rafael, a renowned Valencian master builder who struggles to demonstrate his talent in the great city, live poorly. Absolute ruin lies in wait for him, but thanks to his indefatigable genius, this man will achieve fame and fortune by building the iconic buildings that have given New York its profile.

Javier Moro introduces us to the unique Rafael Guastavino, a true construction genius who dazzled the great North American magnates, conquered by the techniques he used in his works to prevent fires, the greatest evil of the nineteenth century megalopolises. From his study came constructions as "New York" as Central Station, the great hall on Ellis Island, part of the subway, Carnegie Hall, or the American Museum of Natural History. Ready to discover him this fall?

5. Release

For the allies, a woman in love. For the Nazis, a shadow. For history, a legend. Imogen kealey brings us an incredible novel inspired by Nancy Wake, the greatest heroine of WWII.

Marseille, 1943. "White Mouse" is the name that the Gestapo has given to one of the most difficult members of the Resistance to catch. What the German secret police do not suspect is that a woman, Nancy Wake, hides under that pseudonym. A woman with an indomitable character and unusual courage. A happy woman with the love of her life, Henri Fiocca, a rich French businessman completely in love with her who supports her in her fight.

When her husband is captured and tortured by the Nazis, Nancy must escape from France. In her quest to save the man she loves and turn the tide of war, she will overcome any obstacle that stands in her way. In a world dominated by men, Nancy Wake will earn the respect of the maquis and lead the forces of the French Resistance in a tireless fight against injustice and horror.

6. End of season

Family is not a good place to keep a secret. We will discover it together with Ignacio Martinez de Pisón in his new novel.

A road along the Portuguese border, June 1977. Juan and Rosa, just teenagers, have an appointment at a clandestine abortion clinic, but an accident will prevent them from reaching their destination. Almost twenty years later, Rosa and her son Iván begin what will be the project of their life, the recovery of a campsite on the Costa Dorada, at the other end of the peninsula. Since Iván was born they have lived in different places, always provisionally, always alone, fleeing a past that will soon catch up with them.

End of season is a novel about the force, sometimes poisoned, of blood ties – About family secrets that make each generation doomed to repeat certain mistakes, and about how knowing transforms us into other people.

7. Frankenstein's mother

The gripping story of a woman and a man who chose to endure in the most difficult times. The most intense and emotional novel of the series of Episodes of an Endless War, by Almudena Grandes.

In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez returned to Spain to work in the Ciempozuelos women's asylum. After going into exile in 1939, he has lived in Switzerland for fifteen years, hosted by the family of Dr. Goldstein.

In Ciempozuelos Germán meets Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a paranoid parricide, extremely intelligent, who fascinated him at thirteen, and meets a nursing assistant, María Castejón, whom Doña Aurora taught to read and write when she was a child. Germán, attracted to María, does not understand her rejection, and suspects that his life hides many secrets. The reader will discover her modest origin as the granddaughter of the asylum gardener, her years as a maid in Madrid, her unfortunate love story, as well as the reasons why Germán has returned to Spain. Soulmates who want to flee from their respective pasts

The signing of Almudena Grandes already promises us a great novel and a book from which we will not want to look away for hours.

8. And Julia challenged the gods

We finish our list of essentials with Santiago Posteguillo. The winner of the Planeta Prize brings us the bilogy of a fascinating woman who closes with this volume. If the first installment of this saga was set in 192 AD, when several men were fighting for the empire, but Julia Domna had something more ambitious in mind: founding a dynasty.

In this second part we will discover a Julia Domna with new challenges. Staying high is much more difficult than reaching. Julia is at the height of her power, but betrayal and family division threaten to spoil everything. To make matters worse, the doctor Galen diagnoses him what the Romans call Cancer. Meanwhile their children star in a brutal confrontation. In the midst of physical and moral pain, the august will cling to a love story stronger than death.

The game for control of the empire continues to bring us to the end of this wonderful saga and discover the outcome of the magnetic Julia Domna.

With these readings we are sure that you will have the odd one crush reader and that ultimately you are going to enjoy reading a lot. If you want to continue devouring literature this fall, do not miss the most recommended books of 2020. 🔝✨

Happy reading!

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