84 people arrested and 9,430 reported this Sunday for violating confinement

This past Sunday, 84 people were detained by the National Police and the Civil Guard for failing to comply with the conditions of confinement envisaged in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, agents of the National Police and Civil Guard made a total of 9,430 minutes with proposals for sanctions for various violations of Royal Decree 463/2020 establishing the state of alarm. These figures do not include the activity of the regional and local police.

Following is the transcript of the intervention of the police spokesmen at the press conference after the daily meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19:

Direct operational deputy of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González:

"Today I want to begin this appearance, deeply thanking the intervention of the Armed Forces and highlighting the magnificent work, the titanic effort and the loyal collaboration in all the orders that they are carrying out to fight and overcome this health crisis.

The Armed Forces build trust and exemplarity. Once again they show that they are depositaries of great values, sacrifice, dedication to service, self-denial, dedication… Society thanks you and values ​​you.

1. Field hospital at the National Police School

The commitment of the National Police to society to end this pandemic is absolute. As you know, we have put our DNA laboratories at the disposal of Health, we have adapted our water-launch truck to be used in disinfection tasks and as of today the National Police School already has 132 beds to receive patients from COVID -19 whose symptoms are not serious.

For this, one of the students' residence modules has been enabled and we have made the offer to the health authorities so that they have this space when they consider it necessary, being able to offer up to 250 beds in a minimum period of time.

These facilities will be able to house a total of 250 patients in a first phase, and will serve to decongest the Ávila Hospital, if necessary in the coming days.

Have no doubt that we will do everything in our power to serve citizens with all the resources available to the National Police.

2. Number of detainees and records

In the last 24 hours, the number of detainees has been 63, which, added to the 760 detainees since the Royal Decree came into force, make a total of 823, representing an increase of 8 percent.

Regarding sanctions, in the last 24 hours 4,810 minutes have been processed, which means a total of 66,990 since the beginning of the State of Alarm.

In Ceuta on Saturday, a 56-year-old man was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of disobedience and against public health after justifying his repeated breaches of the measures established in the State of Alarm, and he was admitted to prison. This man escaped from the hospital after diagnosing pneumonia and repeatedly disobeying the order of confinement at his home by the doctor who assisted him because he could become a focus of contagion for Covid19.

In Malaga, yesterday, a 45-year-old woman was arrested for resistance and disobedience, for spitting and trying to vomit on the Police, in breach of the Royal Decrees in force regarding the status of the Alarm State.

Finally, I want to report a new hoax that has been created from the social network Twitter, with the hashtag # geolocation, in which it is reported that the application created by the Government to report COVID-19 is actually a covert system of location to the citizen.

3. Borders

Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours 143 refusals of entry have been made, and 1,918 vehicles have been controlled. At air and sea borders, absolute normality is maintained.

4. Greater Security Plan

One of the fundamental objectives of the National Police is to protect the most vulnerable groups. For years we have been running the Greater Security Plan aimed at guaranteeing the safety and protection of our elderly and which, with the declaration of the State of Alarm, we have intensified.

I wanted to transmit to our elders, and also to the people who assist and care for them, a message of tranquility and a series of recommendations to avoid being a victim of criminal acts, given that in the last week we have detected through calls to the Chambers of the 091 that some criminals have passed themselves off as technicians of different services to enter the homes and thus commit thefts:

  • Do not open the door of your house or the intercom to unknown people.
  • The criminal will use any excuse to try to enter the house, he can pretend to be a doctor or nurse who comes to carry out a test for the coronavirus or to disinfect his home, and even that they are distributors of masks and gloves. I repeat, never open the door to someone you don't know.
  • Also be wary of technical services that have not been requested by you or your family, identifying all employees who must make repairs, revisions or charges at their homes.
  • And if you have any problem don't hesitate, call us, dial 091.

We want to pay tribute to the enormous task that all the health personnel of this country are facing. The Police and all the citizens need you not to falter, to continue to care for our elders, our neighbors, our citizens. It is your effort, the effort of each professional in a hospital, in a health center, in a nursing home, the encouragement and the example that we all need to win this battle.

You represent the model that is most necessary today, that of those people who have decided not to think of you, but only to think of others. You have become the positive reference that animates and pushes this society. You are the example that drags us, that leads us to victory in this crisis. "

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"Today we begin a new week with a new regulatory framework for measures adopted within the state of alarm, but maintaining the same objective, which is to protect the population in this serious situation that we are experiencing.

For this reason, the Civil Guard is reorienting and focusing its services towards monitoring strict compliance with the new restrictions approved by the Government of Spain and, according to which, only those activities considered essential can be carried out.

Based on this premise, the actions carried out yesterday by the almost 14,000 civil guards (6,911 patrols) who patrolled the towns and cities of Spain allowed 62,056 people to be identified and the interception of 2,101 vehicles to proceed.

As a result, 4,620 complaints were filed, 7.4% of the total number of people identified, and 21 people were arrested for crimes of resistance and disobedience.

It continues to observe examples of uncivil or antisocial behavior, some of which, the most serious, are motivating the competent judicial authorities to order the entry into prison of people who do not respect the measures adopted during the state of alarm.

Such is the case of a woman who was admitted on the 27th, by order of a court in A Coruña, in a communicated prison and without bail, for repeatedly violating the restrictions imposed. This woman had been detained the previous day by Local Police and Civil Guard officers for repeatedly breaking the confinement.

Regarding traffic control during the weekend, especially in possible transfers to second homes, 7,096 controls have been carried out, which has resulted in the filing of 3,695 complaints.

Regarding the devices established to ensure the operation of essential services, the Civil Guard yesterday employed 2,315 troops. Among others, I would like to refer to:

  • The Civil Traffic Police officers, who have continued to facilitate the transfer of people affected by COVID-19 from the Fuenlabrada Hospital (Madrid) to the Santa Elena Clinic (Madrid) and from the Infanta Sofía Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) to the IFEMA Pavilion (Madrid).
  • The civil guards of the Maritime Service, who have brought food to two crew members who were on a sailboat that did not have the necessary authorization to enter a port and had been anchored on the island of Lobos (Las Palmas) for ten days.

We also continue helping the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly. For this reason, over the weekend, a total of 1,267 interviews, meetings or direct contacts were held with heads of residences, medical centers, town halls and other institutions.

To highlight the aid that is coming is being carried out in the Command of the Balearic Islands, where civil guards from the Mahón Company have supplied medicines to a nursing home in Menorca where disinfection work had already been carried out previously. This type of assistance can be carried out thanks to the special attention that the Civil Guard is providing to meet the requirements of nursing homes and the pharmaceutical sector.

Regarding the protection of victims of gender violence, we continue to maintain dedicated efforts all these days to strengthen their security. In fact, a total of 924 protection activities were carried out yesterday, highlighting 392 telephone checks and 496 counter-surveillance.

In the framework of this type of services, on the 28th, an individual who broke a restraining order and tried to attack a victim of gender violence on public roads was arrested on the island of Gran Canaria. Fortunately, the victim suffered no injuries.

Regarding the use of the internet and social networks, I inform you that you can see the recommendations that our cybercrime specialists are making on social networks and in which aspects of interest are reported such as:

  • "Applications with maps to follow the evolution of COVID-19", which contain malicious malware.
  • The "10 most used FRAUDS" and that use the COVID-19 as "hook".
  • Tips for "Safety to telework" more safely.

Today is a day in which only activities classified as essential can be carried out, so I would also like to take advantage of the possibility that gives me the power to address the audience to publicly thank and value the work carried out by all the professionals who They are engaged in the production, transportation, distribution, and sale of food.

The Civil Guard will continue to guarantee the normal operation of these services throughout the national territory, attending to their requirements and facilitating this crucial task for all citizens.

Since yesterday, the level of measures imposed has been increased to be more effective in the fight against this epidemic. As has been said repeatedly, "if you protect yourself, you protect others."

For this reason, I ask you to stay in your own home, punctually following the recommendations of the authorities, as this is the best way to fight against COVID-19 and help professionals in our health system to attend, in the best possible way. possible, to people who are sick. "

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