Do you smell it It is freedom floating in the air, because summer is already here. 😍

It is likely that this summer will be different from the others but that does not take away the illusion of knowing that we have toooodo the time in the world to do what we like the most, that for a week we will live without alarms and without meetings, that we do not have to carry children to nowhere more than where we have planned to go with the family and that, ultimately, the time is ours.

And what do we do when we have time? Read! That is why we bring you this list of authors and works that you will not want to miss, because they are those readings that leave their mark. Ready to discover a universe of readings that will sweeten your summer? 🥳

one) Extraordinary thingsby Brays Efe

This is the story of a boy who brought together for his mother all the good things in the world. Because … how does a child react when he finds out that his mother has tried to kill himself? He makes a list of the extraordinary things worth living for: ice cream, water wars, letting you stay on TV when it's time to go to sleep, the yellow color, the things with stripes, the roller coasters, the people who stumble.

This Duncan Macmillan text filled with innocence and tenderness has traveled the world for years, relieving anyone who has ever had a losing streak at some point in their life.

Brays Efe He has been in the role of the protagonist for months and now he shares with us his experience to make us appreciate much more those little things that do not seem to matter … but are the really important ones. A book delight that cannot be missed in your plans for these hot days.

two) Felix. A man on earthby Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente

This is a perfect book for those who take advantage of the summer to escape nature and get in touch with a greener (and less gray) life. Because if there is a figure that has contributed to creating generations much more aware of the importance of the environment and its preservation, that is the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

In this book we discover an illustrated compendium of man's thinking that sparked the environmental awareness of an entire country. Ten chapters divided by thematic areas with texts by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and the transcription of his main radio and television interventions. The selection of the texts and the introduction to each chapter are the responsibility of Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, biologist, daughter of Felix and main disseminator of her legacy. A final chapter with the testimony of personalities from all areas that will gloss his figure: Andreu Buenafuente, Rosa Montero, Jesús Calleja, Juan Luis Arsuaga.

If you want to delve into one of the most influential, loved and respected characters in Spain, this is the definitive work that reflects his legacy as a humanist, naturalist, ecologist and communicator.

3) The good thing about having a bad dayby Anabel González

We ask you a question: if it is clear that what we want is to be happy, why do we put so many obstacles to achieve it?

Few sayings have been more damaging than the one that says that "in bad weather you have to put a good face on it." In bad weather you have to put tears or sadness. And to the good, smiles and joy. Because knowing how to manage our emotions is not hiding or suppressing them, it is recognizing and managing them with meaning.

After many years of consultation, the doctor Anabel González It provides us with this little guide to emotional survival that will help us better manage our emotions and learn to live with bad times.
Because the key to feeling comfortable with ourselves and with our life is precisely knowing how to cope with bad days.

4) The sky of your daysby Greta Alonso

And we continue this list of essentials with a novel that will make us stay up late because we will be unable to fulfill that "just one more chapter". What is it about?

A lock of hair and nine words: «This was her. This one, his hair. I, his murderer ». The appearance of a lock of hair next to a disturbing anonymous causes the reopening of the "Alicia case", the young woman murdered fifteen years ago in a mountain in Cantabria; the fact could confirm a terrible suspicion: what if the author of the crime was not the man imprisoned for it more than a decade ago?

The efficient and methodical Inspector Herreros will be forced to lead the investigation between an oppressive Bilbao and a frenzied Madrid as we follow in the first person steps of Inspector Brul, his boss and mentor, the man who maintained a relationship with the victim months before the event. .

Two overwhelming characters, a strong physical attraction, a crude web of power, lies and violence. Do we have to say more for you to get caught by the pen of Greta Alonso? 😜

5) First lineby Gabriel Heras

If there is a reason why this summer will be different, it is summarized in five letters and two figures: Covid-19. And although we are all aware of news and cases, there is a reality that we do not know. What health professionals have experienced, that is, how the worst global pandemic in recent years is experienced from within.

In pages full of tension and fear, but also of hope and companionship, the intensive care doctor Gabriel Heras offers an example of the ability of health workers to overcome the unpredictability and lack of humility of those responsible for managing the worst health crisis in the history of Spain. At the same time, his story highlights the shortcomings of a system that needs profound changes to adapt to the realities of the 21st century and guarantee the well-being of citizens. "With this crisis we have discovered that Spain does not have the best healthcare system in the world, but it does have the best professionals."

A great book to see things from another point of view and reflect.

6) The older cousinby Laura Gost

And this is a summer book par excellence: because many of us have had our first contact with the affective and romantic world when the sun was brightest, and Laura Gost It brings us a story that will connect with all of us.

The older cousin It talks about the awakening of a girl as a woman with the clarity and narrative intelligence of a Goya-winning screenwriter. That is why we like this work so much.

Rosa is only twelve years old when her older cousin is orphaned and is forced to share a room with her. After the hasty move, the protagonist soon finds that her cousin represents everything she cannot tolerate: Tina is an irresponsible, ungrateful and problematic girl.

But, little by little, Rosa will begin to realize that behind the things that repel her from Tina hides something that she longs for herself: to be an extroverted, overwhelming and sexy young woman capable of altering the daily life of the Mediterranean town in which they live. It will be precisely these differences that will determine the adolescence of both, that time when ingenuity and maturity mix so crudely. A clash of mentalities that will be fully unleashed with the arrival of the three members of the Montsó family in the neighborhood.

Can a love triangle shake the relationship of the two cousins ​​with the world, femininity and themselves?

7) Aloneby Silvia Congost

And this is the other side of the coin of the topic that we were just talking about: do we need to be in a couple to feel good?

Silvia Congost teaches us that not having a partner does not mean being alone. Learning to be alone can be the greatest adventure of your life and a fascinating journey into yourself that will connect you with the world and with yourself.

Desired, sought, provoked, unnoticed, loneliness can take many forms, but in most cases it is a situation that scares us, generates rejection and we try to avoid at all costs. In today's world and especially from a certain age, it seems that loneliness is understood as a failure: being single, divorced or separated is something that must be overcome at all costs. However, knowing how to be alone is really a sign of maturity, autonomy, and personal wealth. This book will help us conquer that important summit and become our best ally.

8) The power to trust youby Curro Cañete

Maybe the name of Curro Cañete but surely you've heard of his book The power to trust you. He is one of the figures of the moment, a coach who is helping to change lives.

Cañete affirms that "the greatest act of generosity that you can do for yourself and for those around you is to be happy". And that happiness is not a destination, but a path that we must walk step by step. In this way it is essential that we trust ourselves and that, dear readers, is a power that can only be achieved through practice. 😉

With energy and a desire to share what he himself has learned, Curro teaches us to conquer our fears and overcome obstacles to be happier than ever. Also in his previous book A new happiness we will be able to read his own story of liberation and search, how he got rid of his mental blocks and limits. Inspiring, isn't it?

9) How to make good things happen to youby Marian Rojas

And we close this post recommending the Dr. Rojas, which proposes us to enjoy the present, overcome the past and look forward to the future. Sounds promising but you don't know where to start? Don't worry because Marian Rojas is going to guide us step by step.

Because it is clear that not everything in life is good news but … do you know that your emotions and your thoughts have a direct impact on your organism, on your perception of reality and even on your own genes? Or we put it to you in another way: are you aware that your way of managing conflicts can predispose you to suffer anxiety or depression, the most frequent diseases of the 21st century?

For Dr. Rojas, happiness consists of living healthy installed in the present, having overcome the hurts of the past and looking forward to the future. Because happiness is not what happens to us, but how we interpret what happens to us. With this book we will understand the importance of learning to focus our attention and we will discover guidelines to combat fears, anxieties and channel negative emotions that physically and mentally block us. Ready for this summer more good things happen to us than in any other? ✨

And with these 9 titles and authors, we close our list of essentials that you will be glad to have discovered during the days of relaxation and sun. But psst … if the reading runs out too quickly, don't worry, because we have prepared a whole list of literary suggestions so you don't lack company. 😜

# ReadYourSummer 🍦📚🍉

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