A Civil Guard vessel suffers an accident with a narcolancha during an intervention off the coast of Mijas (Málaga)

The vessels of the Provincial Maritime Service of Ceuta and that of drug traffickers have collided, three civil guards falling into the water that had to be rescued

The persecution was being supported by a helicopter of the Malaga Air Unit that required the PAs to rescue the civil guards who were unharmed

Over 80 bundles of hashish have been recovered at sea and the 4 occupants of the semi-rigid vessel carrying them have been arrested

The Civil Guard has carried out an operation against drug trafficking off the coast of the town of Mijas (Málaga) in which 4 people have been arrested and over 80 hashish bales that had fallen into the sea have been intervened.

The operation took place during the morning of today, when a vessel of the Provincial Maritime Service of Ceuta was chasing a semi-rigid boat suspected of transporting drugs and occupied by 4 people.
During the chase, both vessels collided, the three civil guards falling into the water and the official vessel turning uncontrolled with the consequent risk to the guards who were in the water.
The crew of the helicopter of the Malaga Air Unit, upon realizing the imminent danger to the civil guards, required the occupants of the other vessel to support them by public address, being rescued by them and being all unharmed.
The four occupants of the boat have been arrested for a crime of drug trafficking and have recovered more than 80 bundles of hashish that had fallen to the sea, with an approximate weight of more than 3,000 kilos.
For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Civil Guard Command of Malaga, at 952071539.


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