A clandestine kennel closed and a hundred dogs intervened

The owner has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a crime of animal abuse

The inspection showed that the place lacked a zoological center license, detecting other infractions in terms of animal protection and welfare

Agents of the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard of Madrid in collaboration with the General Directorate of Animal Rights "of the Second Vice-presidency of the Government and Ministry of Social Rights and for the 2030 Agenda" and with staff from the Department of Animal Welfare of the Parla City Council, within the framework of a campaign to prevent greyhound poaching and animal abuse, a total of 100 dogs from a clandestine kennel located in Parla have been intervened.

The operation had its origin in the information received by the Nature Protection Service, which on November 18 already carried out an inspection in coordination with municipal technicians from the Parla City Council, where some irregularities were detected.

After checking the perceptual authorizations that the place should have, it was found that the center lacked them, so yesterday it was carried out jointly with veterinary technicians of the General Directorate of Animal Rights of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Agenda 2030, and local police officers from Parla a more thorough inspection in the center.

The first veterinary reports showed that some of the dogs housed there suffered from diseases such as wet dermatitis, serious periodontal diseases, otitis and the presence of internal and external parasites, causing the animals to suffer severe and useless pain, suffering and stress.

In addition, these reports certified that five puppies had died due to the aforementioned diseases and the absence of veterinary care, for which the owner of the center has been arrested for an alleged crime of animal abuse in commission by omission.

Among the intervened animals are greyhound and hound breed dogs.

The detainee has been handed over to the corresponding Investigating Court.

Practical tips for acquiring a pet

  • We must be aware that the animal needs our attention and care.
  • It must be taken into account that puppies, both dog and cat, must be at least three months old at the time of sale in order to avoid health or behavioral problems derived from a transfer, feeding, immunization or inappropriate socialization. Regulations may restrict the age in the sale of offspring of other species. In cases of animals raised outside the national territory, their sale may not be made before the puppies have reached three months and fifteen days, being mandatory that they be delivered with the rabies vaccine.
  • We must acquire our pet in an authorized center for the sale of animals.
  • When we acquire our pet, we must inform ourselves about the origin of the animal, requesting the corresponding health passport to verify that it has a microchip and that it matches the one that appears in the document.
  • Know the vaccines that our pet needs, the ones they have and where they have been given, and at the same time verify the sanitary status of the animal through the corresponding information that the seller has to provide us.
  • It is necessary to know the state of health of the pet, avoiding that a possible contagious disease can harm the health of another animal that we have at home.
  • We must request information about the quarantine time that our pet has been in the trade, this period will ensure that the animal is not sick a few days after the acquisition.
  • If our pet has been acquired over the Internet, we must do so on secure portals that offer all the necessary guarantees both in terms of documentation and the animal's health situation.
  • Any anomaly that we detect must be reported.

For more information, you can contact the Communication Office of the Madrid Civil Guard Command, telephone numbers 918 073 902 and 696 909 741.


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